Massive Issue releases music video for new single “Martyr in the Mist”

Massive Issue band pic
Finnish indie rock -trio Massive Issue has released a single “Martyr in the Mist” from their upcoming full length album “AWRY” to be released later this summer.

The album and the single is produced by Karri Salo and mixed and mastered by Hiili Hiilesmaa.

The singer/guitar player Antti Mäkinen comments on the album writing process:
“I mainly compose in stress-free environment. Usually alone in my home with acoustic guitar, beer and strong feeling of love, anxiety, joy, sorrow, disgrace, pride or other feeling that stimulates creativity and needs to be burst out. The lyrics are hard to comment. All are written in English. I lived my whole teen age at Malaysia and went to English school. The lyrical themes are everything from relationships to politics and from religion to mental health, and from conspiracy theories to things from deep imagination. I sing about things that interest me. Maybe the one thing that combines all is sarcasm”.

Check out the video for “Martyr in the Mist” below.

Listen to the single at: Spotify & Deezer

Antti Mäkinen - Vocals/Guitar
Olli Lintumäki - Drums
Tino Selin - Bass