Lagerstein release music video for new single “Dig, Bury, Drink!”

Lagerstein - Dig, Bury, Drink! single cover
Sending word out across the ocean while in the midst of their “Endless Rum” tour, the infamous Australian party pirates Lagerstein are instructing fans and newcomers alike to “Dig, Bury, Drink!” with a brand new video single!

Brisbane’s own pirate metallers, Lagerstein, are offering up the first touch of pure gold from their recently announced “25/7” album - with a brand new video & single “Dig, Bury, Drink!”, with pre-orders for the album available now through the band’s website and the single available now through all digital stores & streaming platforms here.

The band have also launched a treasure hunt at their brand new site for the songs from their record. Essentially, the Pirates got pretty much black-out drunk to celebrate the end of the mixing and mastering process - and lost the masters - so now, they need the internet’s help to find the clues to the trail to find the record so that it can be released intact on Friday August 23rd! Punters need to sign up at the site in order to be fed clues as to where they might be able to hear more of the record on the pirate’s journey to August 23rd...

“Dig, Bury, Drink!”, the first cut from the band’s third studio album has Captain Gregarggh singing, “Rum on every island, our best idea yet / No matter where we sail, the party is set”, boasting to listeners all across the lands of the seven-piece party pirates’ mantra.

Watch the video for “Dig, Bury, Drink!” below.

Pre-order “25/7” here.

The “25/7” “Ultimate Party Pack” offers an envious bounty of loot, including a “25/7 Digipak with treasure map booklet, an album design T-Shirt, a personalised signed photo, a “Stein & Crossbongs” Frisbee, a Lagerstein patch, two stickers, a digital goodies bundle and exclusive access to a new song taken from their upcoming album.  

Boasting traditionally seaworthy instrumentation scored with modern, distorted guitar work and coarse vocal outbursts, “25/7” promises a glittering treasure trove of twelve jaunty, colourful and undeniably boozy sea shanties. Recorded in Sweden with world renowned producer Fredrik Nordström (Bring Me The Horizon, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Soilwork), Lagerstein’s upcoming full-length will hit shores on August 23rd, 2019, via Kegstand Records.

Tickets for Lagerstein’s “Endless Rum” tour can be purchased here.

European Tour Dates 2019:
31/05 DE - Dark Troll Festival
14/06 AU - Vienna
15/06 DE - Skaldenfest
21/06 DE - Mise Open Air
22/06 DE - Aaargh Festival
23/06 IT - Alpen Flair Festival
05/07 HU - Nordic Metal Night VI
19/07 RO - Iasi
21/07 RO - Celtic Transilvania Festival
02/08 DE - Wacken Open Air
10/08 CH - Metal Scar Rock Party
16/08 SE - Sabaton Open Air
21/08 SE - Stockholm
22/08 SE - Stockholm
23/08 NO - Oslo
28/08 DE - Munich
29/08 PL - Bielsko Biala
30/08 PL - Warsaw
31/08 CZ - Prague
01/09 CZ - Prague (Acoustic)
02/09 CZ - Ostrava
03/09 SK - Banska Bystrica
04/09 AT - Vienna
05/09 DE - Bamberg
06/09 DE - Erfurt
07/09 CZ - Brno
08/09 CZ - Usti Nad Labem
08/09 CZ Teplice
09/09 HU - Budapest
10/09 PL - Krakow
11/09 SK - Bratislava
12/09 DE - Oberhausen
13/09 DE - Berlin
14/09 DE - Hamburg
15/09 BE - Ghent

UK Tour Dates 2019:
20/09 UK - Manchester
21/09 UK - Glasgow
22/09 UK - Newcastle
23/09 UK - Sheffield
24/09 UK - London
25/09 UK - Reading
26/09 UK - Plymouth
27/09 UK - Bridgewater
28/09 UK - Nottingham
29/09 UK - Birmingham

Banding together in Queensland, Australia, Lagerstein dreamed of being a pirate metal band on a never-ending voyage to rock stages, create catchy music and have the best time, all the time. In the 9 years since, the seven-piece act have become an emerging hit, equally well-known for their unmistakable brand of catchy party tunes and a hugely entertaining live show of legendary proportions. Violinist Mother Junkst says: “Originally we simply wanted to play in a band where we’d have beer bongs on stage. Something fun, silly but with awesomely catchy songs. With time this became something much more. We didn’t choose the pirates life, but it turns out we are perfect for it!”...

Catchy melodies and a powerful metal backup combined with the commanding vocals of Cpt. Gregarrgh create an instantly-recognisable sound that draws from a surprising range of musical styles and influences. With each album the band seek to tell their not-so typical tales of piracy and adventure, and their debut “Drink ‘til We Die” (2012) established Lagerstein as a new flame of fun, burning bright and fast they ransacked their way through 50 minutes of partying. Followed up by “All for Rum & Rum for All” (2016) the band again raised the barb with a deepening of their storytelling, as they took fans on a quest for the unquenchable Fountain of Rum. It was here that Lagerstein received their first industry accolade, when in 2017 they won QMA’s best Heavy award for “Drink the Rum”.

But it’s on the live stage more than any other place that Lagerstein have proven themselves as a world class force, combining elements of a house party, a heavy metal concert, and a theatrical performance. The band have been a favourite opener for some of the genre’s greatest, including Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Finntroll, Gloryhammer, and Ensiferum, Lagerstein are scarcely off the road, and across 22 countries, have brought their remarkable live show to tens of thousands of fans. Pirate or landlubber, it’s almost impossible not to fall in love with their siren’s song!

Captain Gregarggh - Vocals
Mother Junkst - Violin & Keytar
The Majestic Beast - Guitar
Neil Rummy Rackers - Guitar
Jacob, The Most Fiercest Pirate in all the Caribbean - Keyboards
Lucky the Great - Bass Guitar
Rusty Timbers - Drums