Hidden Lapse release new single “The Letter 0”

Hidden Lapse The Letter 0 single cover
Hidden Lapse unveil second single from upcoming album “Butterflies” power-progressive metal band Hidden Lapse has just released “The Letter 0”, second single off the sophomore album “Butterflies”, coming out next May 31st, 2019, via Rockshots Records.

Listne to “The Letter 0” below.

Stream the new single here.

“"The Letter 0" talks about isolation in the digital world and it is purposely left unclear if they share any link, as it would be like having the same character or introducing two sides of a coin”, states guitarist Marco Ricco. “The song is powerful, harmonic and solid, with a bit of contemporary keys enhancing the "modern" mood. Rhythm-wise, it is probably one of the most dynamic songs in the album. With many tonal changes, a catchy and raging chorus and the sublime feature of David Brown (Metatrone, NefeshCore) on the keyboards solo, ramping up and down until the soaring guitar lead, the song evolves on a perpetual state in between cliffhanging and resolution, until the crude and violent ending”.

The new album “Butterflies” is an aggressive and melancholic female fronted power prog album, with ethereal vocals, abrasive riffing and pounding drums.

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1. Dead Jester
2. Thrid
3. The Letter 0
4. Stone Mask
5. Glitchers
6. Grim Poet
7. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
8. Cruel Enigma
9. Dust
10. Silent Sacrifice (Rearmed) [bonus track]

Live Shows 2019:
May 24 -  Babau Club di Sforzacosta (MC)
June 7 - The Tanning Pub - Fabriano (AN) - [release party]

Alessia Marchigiani - Vocals
Marco Ricco - Guitars and vocals
Romina Pantanetti - Bass
Alessio Monacelli - Drums