Hey Jetman to release debut album “I Go Out” on February 2nd 2018

Hey Jetman I Go Out cover
It all started in one mind, then multiplied, then became songs, stories, a band. Hey Jetman have created their own world of songwriting. Here, Ben Folds never became an assortment of gimmicks. Here, love still knows how to swipe left, how to dry its eyes, without the cynicism of Father John Misty. Hey Jetman's soaring choruses do not need irony to anchor them. Their hooks shine like stars, not like floodlights.

This century was still young when the trained drummer Martin Krümmling began writing, performing, releasing music. He was and still is a part of many projects, both as a creator and a performer. Hey Jetman may be his most personal and, perhaps for that very reason, his most relaxed outfit. Krümmling's songs find their own space. Their harmonies, melodies, rhythms flow in their own way, free of pressure. There's a band, too, that expertly works to serve the moment, finding joy in a small, beautiful space.

There's no denying Hey Jetman's jazz roots. Ever so often, a break, a change, a variation betrays traces of Krümmling's days in New York, his work with artists like John Hollenbeck. Yet without effort all these moments become one with his unabashed love of elegant pop, of New Wave moves in nice suits. Here's a glimpse of what lies beneath the clever discipline and tidy demeanor: an exuberant joy in performing, in writing, in playing time like an instrument.

All this won't make “People Watching” a surefire success in these days of blunt hooks and you-can-skip-this-in-5-4-3-2-1 songwriter's fears. But Hey Jetman know their place. They know there's room on the shelves, right next to Joe Jackson's “Steppin' Out”, Billy Joel's "Storm Front" und Prefab Sprouts's “From Langley Park To Memphis”. It's their natural trust in their ability to fill these gaps that makes their music stand tall, be charming, shine bright and clear.
The album “I Go Out” will be released on February 2nd, 2018, via Lametta!

1. Orbiter
2. Tinder and Tears
3. 18th of March
4- Monday People
5. Joker
6. Up and Down
7. People Watching
8. Sixty Two
9. Shadow Boy
10. Travelling


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