Headspace - debut out on May 21st

Headspace I Am Anonymous cover
Headspace, the band around keyboardist Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne) - son of the keyboard legend Rick Wakeman (Yes) - singer Damian Wilson (Threshold), bassist Lee Pomeroy (Steve Hackett), guitarist Pete Rinaldi and drummer Richard Brook, will release their debut album "I Am Anonymous" on May 21st 2012 via InsideOut Music/ EMI.
Given the listed musical roots, it seems only logical that Headspace follow a clear direction stylistically: Progressive rock at its finest!
Adam Wakeman: "We're quite open about our influences because that's the music that we love. There's RUSH, YES, GENESIS, a lot of bands. We even give a tip of the hat to DREAM THEATER in a few sections. That's all a part of what we are".
To give everyone a first impression of the upcoming album, Headspace have finalized a preview trailer which can be watched below. With this special trailer the band offers the possibility to listen to snippets of every song of the entire album, just by clicking on the respective song name in the video.
The title of the album has the finger pointed directly at the listener. This is about you and your relationship with humanity, ultimately the battles fought within the mind from child to man. Through Kubler Ross’ model of impending death, with reference to war, the turmoil leads us to peace and acceptance... only then to swing straight back round to chaos.
In addition to that the band just launched their brand new website. On the official website you can find all important information regarding the musicians, the upcoming release of "I Am Anonymous" and other interesting news from the Headspace universe.
Adam Wakeman - Keyboards
Damian Wilson - Vocals
Pete Rinaldi - Guitars
Lee Pomeroy - Bass
Richard Brook - Drums
1 Stalled Armageddon
2 Fall Of America
3 Soldier
4 Die With A Bullet
5 In Hell's Name
6 Daddy Fucking Loves You
7 Invasion
8 The Big Day