Dee Calhoun announces new solo album “Go to the Devil” - due out in late 2017

Dee Calhoun Go to the Devil cover
“Screaming Mad” Dee Calhoun, the voice of doom legends Iron Man, is nearing completion of his sophomore solo release, entitled “Go to the Devil”.

The album, which will be released via Argonauta Records later this year, is the follow-up to Dee's 2016 solo release “Rotgut”.

The official teaser can be seen below.

Dee will be joined on this album by Iron Man bandmate Louis Strachan on bass. Dee will handle vocal, acoustic guitar, and percussion duties.
“Go to the Devil”, like “Rotgut” before it, is being recorded in Dee's home studio The Dustbuster. Mastering will be handled by Doug Benson at Commodore Recording Studio in Thurmont MD.
The track listing for “Go to the Devil” is as follows.

01. Common Enemy
02. Bedevil Me
03. Born (One-Horse Town)
04. The Final Stand of the Fallen
05. Go to the Devil
06. Me Myself and I
07. The Lotus Field is Barren
08. Jesus, the Devil, the Deed
09. The Ballad of the Dixon Bridge
10. Your Face
11. Dry Heaves & Needles
The album's cover is by Dee Calhoun, based upon his own concept.

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