Death By Unga Bunga to release new studio album “So Far So Good So Cool” on April 6th 2018

Death By Unga Bunga So Far So Good So Cool cover
Even though Death By Unga Bunga are still considered to be fairly young men, they’re actually celebrating their ten year anniversary as a band in 2018. Rock band, to be precise.

To commemorate this, they are releasing their fifth album, “So Far So Good So Cool”. A title that summarizes their career so far pretty good.

Stream the new track “Soldier” below.

2016 was a prolific year for the band, resulting in three releases. Firstly, they released their fourth album, “Pineapple Pizza”, then a remastered edition of their debut album, “Juvenile Jungle”, for the first time on vinyl, before they wrapped up the year with four brand new songs on the EP “Fight”. After all of this, you might think that the boys in DBUB would slow down the pace a bit. But alas.

While 2016 was prolific, 2017 was an intensely active year. The band has of course toured all over Scandinavia, both clubs and festivals. Additionally, they also toured in the UK, Germany and Benelux and in March, they went on their first headliner tour in the US, which took them from New York in the east to California in the west. A milestone, for sure, but their US adventure didn’t stop there. In September, they joined punk rock legends Stiff Little Fingers as supporting act on their 40th Anniversary Tour, playing close to 20 concerts from coast to coast. By year end 2017, Death By Unga Bunga had played a total of 34 concerts on the American continent. Impressive.

On the heels of their foreign exploits, DBUB released the singles “Bye Bye” and “Into the Night” late in 2017. The upcoming singles, the huge anthem “Soldier” and the über-cool “So Cool” further showcases the band’s songwriting panache – with clever hooks, and dumb/smart lyrics – amping up the expectations for the forthcoming album.

Jansen Records are therefore proud to announce that their fifth album will be released on April 6th, 2018. Also, this time they produced the album themselves, giving it a more personal touch. Furthermore, the riffs are catchier, the solos are wilder and the songs are faster, louder and funnier than ever.

Death By Unga Bunga epitomize everything that’s fun and great about rock ‘n’ roll, so we’ll end this by saying: “welcome to the rock show! Enjoy”.

Pre-order “So Far So Good So Cool” here.

01. Haunt Me
02. Soldier
03. Cynical
04. Internet (interlude)
05. So Cool
06. Into the Night
07. Turn My Brain Off
08. Space Face (interlude)
09. Boys
10. I’m No Provider
11. Bye Bye

Sebastian Ulstad Olsen - Guitars, vocals
Stian Gulbrandsen - Guitars, vocals
Preben Sælid Andersen - Guitars, vocals, keys
Even Rolland Pettersen - Bass
Ole Steinar Nesset - Drums