Damian O’Neill And The Monotones to release new album “Refit Revise Reprise” on May 4th 2018

Damian O’Neill And The Monotones Refit Revise Reprise cover
Damian O’Neill, lead guitarist of the Undertones and That Petrol Emotion, is pleased to share the video to new glam rock inspired track “Sweet 'n' Sour”, taken from his forthcoming album entitled “Refit Revise Reprise”, released on May 4th, 2018, via Dimple Discs.

Watch the video below.

“"Sweet 'n' Sour" was inspired by all those wonderful Glam Rock singles from the 70's, which I grew up listening to and loved, with some bittersweet lyrics thrown in for good measure. The video was shot by Douglas Hart with the help of the incredible light show on the promenade between St Leonard's and Hastings”, says Damian.

“Refit Revise Reprise” comprises of 12 tracks recorded at home and Press Play Studios in South London and is released under the moniker Damian O’Neill And The Monotones. Co-produced, engineered and mixed by Damian, along with Andy Ramsay (ex-Stereolab) and Paul Tipler, the album features musical contributions from Sean O’Hagan from The High Llamas. You’ll hear new songs and instrumental tracks that are guaranteed to thrill and melt your heart plus Damian's delved into his musical past and revamped selected self-penned Undertones/That Petrol Emotion songs too. It's Glam/Stomp/Dreamy Pop with a cascade of guitars, vibes, organ, bells and whistles.

“I wanted to put a fresh slant on some old songs that I'd written and recorded. For instance, I was never entirely happy with The Undertones overcooked version of "The Love Parade" and wanted to strip it down to its original 60's Nuggets type influence. Did you know that "The Love Parade" was originally written by me and Mickey Bradley when we were in a short lived but legendary 60's spoof band (with TPE's Ciaran McLaughlin on drums) called The Wesleys back in '82? Believe it or not, I have a precious cassette tape of us playing the song live for the first time at Mason's bar in Derry and it was this recording I used as a template for my version which in actual fact is not a million miles away from how The Undertones perform it live onstage these days”. He goes on to say: “The same goes with TPE's "Gnaw Mark". I think the final result is now closer to how I'd originally imagined it. Also, "Everlasting Breath" has been released in various guises over the years (bonus demo track on TPE's final studio album "Fireproof" for instance) but I'd like to think that this version is the definitive one. My original 1989 4-track demo of "Compulsion" neatly rounds off the record”.

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1.The Love Parade
2. Sweet 'n' Sour
3. Gnaw Mark
4. Someone Like You
5. Everlasting Breath
6. Mundanian Dream
7. Just Wanna Be With You
8. Much Too Late
9. No Time Like The Noir Time
10. Angels in Tyrconnell St.
11. Don't Let Me Down Now
12. Compulsion

Damian is best known as the lead guitarist in pop punk legends, The Undertones, who continue to tour today throughout the UK and Europe.