Crest Of Darkness to release new studio album “Welcome the Dead” on December 2nd 2016

Crest Of Darkness Welcome the Dead cover
My Kingdom Music and Crest Of Darkness reveal details of “Welcome the Dead”, the ninth studio release (7th full-length) from Norwegian Black Metal band, which is set to hit the streets on December 2nd, 2016, in both CD and digital formats, as well as a double LP format which will feature a special bonus track.

Recorded at MLP Studio by Nils H. Mæhlum and mastered at the Kvålsonic Lab by Tom Kvålsvoll, the nine-track album promises to be the heaviest, darkest and most introspective album in the band's twenty plus year history.

The artwork for “Welcome the Dead” features the extraordinary Zombie Foetus sculptures created by the Italian artist Andrea Falaschi.

1. Welcome the Dead
2. Chosen By the Devil
3. Scourged and Crucified
4. My Black Bride
5. Borrowed Life
6. The Almighty
7. Memento Mori
8. The Noble Art
9. Katharsis

Crest Of Darkness' lineup, includes founder and frontman Ingar Amlien (Roquefire, Conception, Amlien's Inferno) on bass and vocals, Rebo on guitars, Bernhard (ex-Pale Forest) on drums, and Kristian Wentzel on keyboards.

Earlier this year Amlien admitted that he sees “Welcome the Dead” as having a special significance for him personally: “I've put a hell of a lot of myself and my emotions into this album, even more so than usual. I've always felt that when we are on stage, we create a sort of magic, and this time we have been able to transfer that magic to the recordings. You could say this is my personal Black Mass”.