Brothers Of Metal release music video for “Prophecy of Ragnarök”

Brothers Of Metal Prophecy of Ragnarok cover
Brothers Of Metal have released their music video for “Prophecy of Ragnarök”.

Watch the video below.

The band states:
“The day has come! The music video for "Prophecy of Ragnarök" will echo through the ages and let it be known as another sign that Odin, the All-Father always hears your prayers. Together with AFM Records, rEvolver, Patric Ullaeus, TobakaZ and our berserking extras we managed to conjure this masterpiece you now see before you. Be strong, be fierce and be true to the gods. We will all feast with them in the great halls of Valhalla”.

A new band like Sweden’s heavy/power metallers Brothers Of Metal doesn’t cross the music fans’ way very often. In fact, the kind of talent this 8-piece band brings to the table is very rare, but what makes Brothers Of Metal so special? Is it their distinctive, striking songwriting, the outstanding vocal delivery, the amazing hooks? “Prophecy of Ragnarök” is an astonishing debut album which consist 14 anthemic, powerful, melodic metal tracks of highest quality.

Fans of acts such as Sabaton, Manowar or Powerwolf (just to name a few) will embrace the band for sure, even though Brothers Of Metal are so much more than a copy or anything lout there.

Their line-up consist of three vocalists – one of them being Ilva Eriksson, a real discovery! Her voice covers the whole spectrum from powerful to sensitive and marks the perfect counterpart to Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson’s energetic, rough vocal style. A third voice appears in shape of Mats Nilsson, the “Tongue of the Gods”, whose spoken parts compliment the extraordinaire vocal mix in a perfect way. Add to that, three guitarists, a bass player and a drummer; and you have a unique constellation which give us amazing heavy/power metal with a folky touch. A new force has arrived!

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Ylva Eriksson - Voice of the Valkyries
Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson - Battle Cries
Mats Nilsson - Tongue of the Gods
Dawid Grahn - Guitar
Pähr Nilsson - Guitar
Mikael Fehrm - Guitar
Emil Wärmedal - Bass
Johan Johansson - Anvil and War Drums