Black Whiskey to release new studio album “Dry Bones” on April 12th 2019

Black Whiskey Dry Bones cover
Classic Hard Rock outfit, Black Whiskey will release their 2nd album “Dry Bones” on Friday 12 April, 2019, through Heavy Star Records.

“Dry Bones” was recorded at Empire Studios and engineered, mixed and mastered by Guy Davies.

It will be available on signed CD, CD and digital formats and is now available to pre-order here.

1. Dry Bones
2. King of the Blind
3. Cheat the Hangman
4. Bitter Pill
5. Baptise Me
6. Here to Stay
7. Time Bomb
8. Mirror Lies
9. Burning Bridges
10. Ends of the Earth
11.Black Water

The last 2 years has been a tough road for Black Whiskey. Guitarist, Kevin Ingles was diagnosed with cancer following the release of their debut album, “Heavy Train”, and treatment for that has taken its toll, with his future still uncertain. Songwriting, rehearsals and recording for the new album have all needed to be worked around treatment plans and just the ability to function. But, the band are a tight-knit unit and have worked through these challenges to produce a hard-hitting album that will be released on April 12th, 2019.

Singer, Simon Gordon, said: “Writing and recording "Dry Bones" was a bit of a rollercoaster for us. We finished "Heavy Train" and toured a little bit but then Kev started to struggle and we didn’t really know what was wrong. Then we got the news that he had cancer, which was a massive blow. Kev has been super positive and in fact, more keen than ever to be creative but of course we were all saddened that we were unable to tour as much as we would have liked.

We changed bass players and brought Craig Nabbs onboard in 2016. Straight away Kev was throwing riffs at us but he still wasn’t right. We had to change our work patterns to fit in with him. That is ongoing and we are constantly having to adapt for live shows as well as writing and recording. Throughout the writing period, we had weeks of doing very little while Kev was undergoing chemo, surgery or whatever, and then a burst of intense activity where we would bang out two or three songs very quickly. As a singer I’ve always found it quite easy to come up with melodies that sit nicely with Kev’s guitar parts so, fortunately, that didn’t hold us up.

Anyway, the studio was booked for late spring 2017. Guy Davies at Empire Studios in Guildford was in the hot seat and, luckily for us, he was happy to be really flexible with the schedule. The whole process was relaxed and enjoyable. The songs went down really easily in very few takes and Guy captured our sound perfectly. We think the album sounds full of energy and life. It’s a bit heavier than the first album but we’ve stuck to our principles of writing songs with a lot of groove and strong vocal melodies as well as that bluesy rock vibe. It just showcases our development as a band but primarily it is also a big "FUCK-YOU CANCER!”...

Simon Gordon: Vocals
Kev Ingles: Guitar
Rich Bannister: Drums
Craig Nabbs: Bass