Black Lotus to release debut album “Sons of Saturn” on October 19th 2018

Black Lotus Sons of Saturn cover
Barcelona-based Heavy & Epic Doom Metal band Black Lotus released a first single from the upcoming album “Sons of Saturn”.

The album will be released on October 19th, 2018, via Inverse Records.

Watch the music video for “Sons of Saturn” below.
Black Lotus is founded by Hug Ballesta in 2015. After finding a proper line-up they headed into the Moontower Studio at the end of 2017. The album is recorded and mixed by Javi Félez and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon.

Hug Ballesta comments:
“We have choosen "Sons of Saturn" as the first single because it represents by itself the key sounds we search for as a band. We are lovers of both the classic bands and the new sounds and styles in metal: rawness, heavy-doomy-slow tempos, but at the same time catchy melodies that can equally transport the listener to apparently opposed moods. We are delighted that Inverse Records helps us spread our music... can't wait for the feedback!”...

Black Lotus' sound is grounded in the diverse influences of the band members. Traditional Heavy Metal is the common factor and driving force of the band, but alternative sounds of the 90s, Stoner Rock, Doom Metal and post metal genres are also colours in their palette. Their compositions are embracing all those influences without limitations or dogmas. Likewise, lyrics are eminently symbolic, expressing a dystopic vision of society and their view of the world. Classic mythology, occultism, and personal experiences and visions are the sources for their compositions.
Pre-order “Sons of Saturn” here.

1. Kings
2. The Sandstorm
3. The Pyre - intro
4. Protective Fire
5. Taurobolium
6. Sons of Saturn
7. The Swamp
8. Return to Erebus - closing

The album cover was designed by Luca Solo Macello.

Charlie Gotaskull - Rhythm & Lead guitars
Cristian Vil - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Hug Ballesta - Drums, Vocals
Caio Pastore - Lead & Rhythm guitars (live)