INK. live in Nottingham, UK 2018

At first I was a little apprehensive about going along to see INK.; after all Duggie is from a boyband and being a rocker I shouldn’t like them... But I’m not so quick to judge. The Venue, The Bodega a first for me is a small up close and personal venue perfect if like me you’re one of those types that like places no barrier holding you back fans press right up against the stage.
INK. pic

So let’s get to it the band INK., a three peace band from various parts of the UK enter the stage and open with “Fever” from the band’s debut EP “Heaven”; the vocalist Todd reminds me of Marc Bolan from T-Rex tall, slim and fluffy hair but his voice is in a lower key maybe even darker, by the way I can tell the band gel that they fit together.

Moving on to “Back to the Nosie”, the crowded really getting into it singing along lucky bounces around like a crazed maniac one second over here the next over there. Doggy is the one that interacts with the crowd the most and I’m loving every second of it, easy to see he’s the one most of the crowd of come to see.

Next up is “Symphony Woman”, Todd says he wants to join in... “repeat after me symphony woman symphony woman” Crowd scream out repeating “Symphony Woman”… It’s not loud enough for Duggie who deems it a one. Shouts again... Crowd gets louder and the band move straight into the song with the crowd shouting “Symphony Woman” every time chorus comes along.

The song “Crash” isn’t on the EP and is sung by Duggie; it’s very pop influenced a song that would get airplay on mainstream radio. For the song “Satellites”, Todd gets the lights to be turned off and the crowd to turn on torches from the phone. Intimate and I won’t go into work because it’s dark and moody and feels beautiful I get a little lost and everybody else in the room is longer there and it’s just me and the music. Duggie is actually still on this song he clamped on his speakers. “Cheap Thrills” is another song sung by Duggie and again is quite pop influenced. The band close with the EP title track “Heaven”.
Overall, I will tell anyone not to judge the fact that Doug is from a pop band and go and check them out, cuz they are a moody alt rock band with dirty bass lines and verses. Todd’s voice is so good and majestic; it can be moody and gothic maybe a little of a Nick Cave feel but better he can also do the more mainstream singing, he comes off a little shy but maybe that’s so Duggie can have a share in the spotlight, as he’s the one who interacts with the crowd and has the most energy seeing around here in there making joke, he has a boyish charm that most the girls in the room lap up. This works really with most of the songs, less so others but gives the band something a lot of bands are missing these days.