City Of The Weak live in Florida 2018

It’s a Monday night in the south side of Tampa Florida at the Blue Note and the bands are teaming around unloading their own equipment, so they can setup for tonight’s show. It’s all part of the reality that young bands have to face, no road crews to take care of everything for them.
City Of The Weak band pic

The Blue Note is a small intimate venue that showcases up and coming bands. It allows the fans unparalleled access to the performers, so they can feel like they’re not just watching a show but are part of it. It’s the perfect place for people to say, “I saw them at the Blue Note before they were big”.
In the future people will be saying that about tonight’s band City Of The Weak. Formed in 2012 by Stef with an F in Minneapolis. The band cycled through different members for a while. It took two years to finally settle out all the members. From there it was all about playing live and honing their craft. With two EP’s under their belt and a soon to drop full length album, they are here to do what they love doing and that’s tour and play live. Trust me when I tell you this, it’s obvious they love this part.
Stef is a natural. She has the larger than life personality that commands the audience’s attention. Of course, she also has the singing talent to match her personality. Soon she will be mentioned with the likes of Maria Brink and Lzzy Hale. With Cody Hoffman on bass guitar and Brent Lindblad on guitar, this is a formidable band. While the crowd here was small, they were enthusiastic, and the energy was high.
When City Of the Weak came out, they started their set with “Like I Do”. They followed this up with “Censor This” from their upcoming album “Pulling Teeth”. As the set went on with songs such as “Pulling Teeth”, “Trust Nobody”, “Not This Time”, and “Ungrateful”. Next up they played “Pardon Me” a song originally written and performed by Incubus. They did an amazing job covering this song. Brent’s guitar work shined on this song. You would have thought that he did it originally. As for Stef and the rest of the band, they really made this song their own. After such a great song you would think the energy would drop, but it didn’t. They kept it up when they performed “Eulogy”, then with their final song of the night “White Fire Alarm” from their 2013 EP “White Fire Alarm”.
The only complaint I have about the show was it was too short!! I wanted to see them do more. It’s rare to see a band perform with that kind of energy and intensity throughout their show. City Of The Weak will be continuing their tour in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan finally cumulating at the huge festival Rocklahoma. Do yourself a favor and see them now so you too can say you saw them before they were huge.

photos by Mark Matson

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