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City Of The Weak band pic
Sun, 04/15/2018 - 20:12 - Comments

City Of The Weak live in Florida 2018

It’s a Monday night in the south side of Tampa Florida at the Blue Note and the bands are teaming around unloading their own equipment, so they can setup for tonight’s show. It’s all part of the reality that young bands have to face, no road crews to take care of everything for them.
Wishbone Ash Tampla FL 2018 poster
Sat, 04/14/2018 - 19:54 - Comments

Wishbone Ash live in Florida 2018

Sunday night April 8th, Tampa Florida was treated to a visit from the legendary founders of progressive rock Wishbone Ash. Playing at the intimate venue Skippers Smokehouse assured all the fans that they would be given an up close opportunity to hear their amazing music.
Jac Dalton & Boneyard Dog London Show 2018 poster
Sat, 03/24/2018 - 22:39 - Comments

Boneyard Dog live in London 2018

The classic rock/blues rock band Boneyard Dog was founded in 2015. As a part of their 2018 tour, they played in London, at The Underworld, on the 19th of March along with Jac Dalton.
Therion Athens live show 2018 poster
Sat, 03/17/2018 - 19:57 - Comments

Therion live in Athens 2018

Due to the date being a working one and work getting the better of me, I did miss British openers The Devil who came on early enough at seven o clock as well as, a good portion of the German melodic industrial metallers Null Positive.
kreator live Athens 2018 poster
Sat, 01/27/2018 - 19:04 - Comments

Kreator live in Athens 2018

On a chilly Sunday afternoon and after suffering a fuse blow-out or something of the sort that put my car out of service, I took the tube out to Keramikos station to catch Kreator on their n-th performance upon Greek soil (a quick estimate, is thirteen or so shows?) some 5 or so years since the last time they were in Athens.
Helloween (Pumkins United Tour) 2017 poster
Sat, 12/23/2017 - 14:20 - Comments

Helloween (Pumkins United Tour) live in Sofia 2017

Watching Helloween perform with an invigorated lineup, utilizing the “strengths” of longtime “prodigal sons, Kai Hansen and Michael “Mici” Kiske must have been one of the most requested “reunions” in quite a while and to be quite honest, despite having witnessed the band numerous times with Andi Deris and the other two guys, often blasting out the odd hit as an...
Lacuna Coil Athens 2017 poster
Sun, 12/03/2017 - 20:02 - Comments

Lacuna Coil live in Athens 2017

With the country ravaged by torrential rains on a daily basis, my mood had gone suitably somber, so I was sort of almost unwilling to dislodge myself from bed to go to the gig, which must be a “first” of sorts… I did and thanks to it being a Sunday, traffic wasn’t too bad, so I managed to get to Piraeus Academy relatively quickly and even find a park right in front...
Threshold Athens 2017 poster
Sat, 12/02/2017 - 12:53 - Comments

Threshold live in Athens 2017

A night to remember – for various reasons! It was 1999 when I first bought “Psychedelicatesen”, which was my first contact with the band, in a small record store in Coventry. You see, at that time we didn’t have the opportunity to “taste” the bands before we head to the record store. So, I had heard that Threshold were touted to be the “European Dream Theater” and I...
Wintersun Athens 2017 poster
Sat, 10/07/2017 - 13:02 - Comments

Wintersun live in Athens 2017

Talk about an eventful night! First thing first, before going to the show I had an emergency with a water pipe bursting, outside my home that needed immediate attention, so I was sure that I would be “late” to the show; having dealt with that, I got into the car and headed down to Piraeus Academy, only to receive a message midway by a friend that, because the bus...
Arch Enemy live in Athens 2017 poster
Sun, 09/24/2017 - 17:25 - Comments

Arch Enemy live in Athens 2017

Arch Enemy is a bit of an international band of musicians that are still based out of Sweden for all intents and purposes even when most of its current members are not Swedes. They’ve been a band for some twenty five years and even if they didn’t try too hard the inclusion of a “woman” in a fledgling up-and-coming band back in the early 00’s was a stroke of genius...
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