November 2017

Septicflesh band pic
Sat, 11/11/2017 - 15:40 - Comments


Septicflesh barely need any introductions as one of the few bands from the somewhat unexpected boom of extreme metal bands in Greece in the early 90s that not only managed to truly receive international acclaim, but did so, while remaining highly original and edgy only challenged by one other band from that era. With their thirtieth anniversary approaching fast and a...
fiction syxx band pic
Sun, 11/05/2017 - 18:06 - Comments

Fiction Syxx

Fiction Syxx is a newcomer that consists of well-known talented musicians and was formed less than 2 years ago. “Tall Dark Secrets”, the band’s debut is a wonderful melodic hard rock album that will excite the fans of the genre. Grande Rock got in touch with the band’s mastermind, songwriter, vocalist & guitarist, Mark Allen Lanoue so as to find out more about...
Demon Eye band pic
Sat, 11/04/2017 - 14:32 - Comments

Demon Eye

Demon Eye are back with their third full-length album, Prophecies and Lies”, almost two years after the previous “Tempora Infernalia”. Grande Rock had a chat with the band’s vocalist & guitarist Erik Sugg about the new album among other interesting things…
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