I caught up with Skindred Dan Pugsley before their gig in Manchester and had a chat.
Skindred band pic

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before?
D: I’d go for the basic approach and say reggae-rock, think we’re a rock-metal band that has elements of Reggae, Dubstep and a lot of other mixed in.
You have just released your 5th album called “Kill the Power”, why that name? Is it a political statement?
D: It’s not actually a political statement, I mean you can take it as that if you want but it’s more the idea that in life we have things that stand barriers, it might be a relationship or a habit and its about facing those things, rather than it being purely political.
What’s your favourite song to play and why?
D: I love playing “Pressure from Babylon”, I think it’s such a great crowd and people love it, they get so excited and it gets the best reaction.
How important is the live performance to you?
D: I think when we write songs its very much a part of what we do, I like the idea we can sit down an do this and that which is fun to do, I love it, I like the idea of approaching studios and live music at different angles and just being cool and different as we can be, that’s important.
In 2011 you won a Kerrang Devotion award and a Metal Hammer Golden Gods award for best live band, how did you feel about getting that recognition? What exactly is the Devotion award?
D: I think the Devotion award was kinda made up, because we’ve been around so long and existed outside the mainstream and managed to create our own niche, so more a statement of that really. We’re not here for awards or anything just for our love for music and think what we do is something really different and special and people love it, that’s more important, I mean it’s nice to get the recognition, but we don’t think about awards, we’re not bothered about that.
What festivals are you playing this year?
D: We are confirmed for Download and another British festival.
What’s your favourite festival to play and why?
D: I don’t have a favourite at all, I just really enjoy playing, I love the UK and British rock festivals, love playing all over the world and have played some great festivals, but I love the feeling of being home and playing, like Reading last year, that was the festival I grew up going to so that kinda thing is a real, a real buzz for me.
What do you like to do away from the band?
D: I do the things that ain’t terribly interesting, I do that, then I make music, cook food an try and stay out of trouble… (laughs)
Whose your favourite band to tour with and why?
D: Think my favourite ever was with Disturbed, we toured America and then 6 months later Canada. I find the guitarist the most inspiring musicians I’ve ever met, he’s so open and so willing to share, so to be so cool to us and give us such a great opportunity and all that again, just lovely people.
Any last words for your fans?
D: Thanks for sticking with us basically, its humbling and kind for us.