Jizzy Pearl

I met Jizzy briefly at the beginning, introduced myself and got a photo with him! Unfortunately, he was preoccupied with gig matters before the show so we couldn’t fit in a proper interview. But after the show I was chatting to him, and asked if I could have a quick interview, and he kindly offered me a few minutes. As we could only have a brief interview, after chatting with Mickey, drums, I asked a few questions about the Rock industry. Unfortunately, he was then called away but offered me his card and access to his new album, which I cannot wait to check out!
Jizzy Pearl pic

What was the inspiration behind the album?
J: The aim was to recreate the energy from the album, in “Black out in the Red Room”. (i.n.: I personally think, mission accomplished! The red lights and energy filled the room.)
What is your favourite song on the new album?
J: Hard to choose, buy my favourite song is probably “Hire for an Eye”. (i.n: I have to admit, it’s a favourite of mine too. It’s a perfect ‘Jizzy’ song, the catchy riffs and lyrics showcase his unique voice. And after starting with that trademark Jizzy scream, you know you’re in for a few minutes of hard rock heaven.)
Given the name of the new album and one of the key songs, do you think rock and roll has lost its soul these days?
J: Some has, but it’s definitely not dead yet. Soul, is about passion, and love for the music. So I think there are lots of rock bands that still have that passion, and soul. (i.n.: By still going and still playing his type of music decades on, and still being so successful, Jizzy shows true passion and soul for the music!)
What was the inspiration behind the album art?
J: (He showed me his tattoo) I showed some artists this tattoo, and this is what they came up with. (i.n.: One of the answers I was most surprised and interested to hear. Well I say hear, I really mean see, his response was to show me the tattoo that it was originally based off. So a really interesting backstory behind the album art.)
What are your plans after the tour ends?
J: More shows in November and March, and just making more songs.
And my final question, the most important one, I had to ask what was it like being mock crucified to the Hollywood sign?
J: I rose three days later! (i.n.: I love how he simply answered “I rose three days later!” – definitely a rock legend til the end!)
What is the top band that revolutionised Rock or Glam Metal?
M: Van Halen completely changed the revolutionised the sound of Rock.
What is your favourite Hard Rock album of all time?

M: It is hard to choose just one, but personally, my favourite is “Shout at the Devil” by Mötley Crüe. (i.n.: So, I don’t know about you, but I will definitely be re-listening to “Shout at the Devil” tonight!)
What do you think of the recent 80s revolution?
M: Long may it continue! Although most modern music is influenced by songs and bands from the 80s, so it was always there. Rock and Roll ain’t quite dead yet, just needs a reboot.