Giuntini Project

The new Giuntini Project album which is entitled “IV”, gave me the chance to reach one of my favorite “hard rock/metal” voices and talk not only about the new album but also about some past & future things. Ladies & gents Mr. Tony Martin talks to Grande Rock… he may not talk that much but he’s damn right to the point when he does…
Giuntini Project band

Hi Tony… It’s great to see you behind the mic on another Giuntini Project album. It wasn’t hard for Aldo to entice you in order to participate on “IV”, right?
T: Hi man... Nah... I was hoping we could get G4 together.
Every part of this project must be very special for you, but if you have to choose your beloved part, which one would it be and why?
T: Working with Dario Mollo again... smileyhahahaha... Sounds weird but it was recorded at his studio and I think Aldo would agree Dario is the savior for his music.
What are those elements that have magnetized you over Aldo’s music and you have kept on going together since 1996?
T: Well Aldo is illusive, you hardly ever see him, he has a business life as well as a musical one and usually the recordings are done without him there... so it’s hard to get where someone is coming from if you are working apart... and that is also the attraction... great to be able to have a free hand and its really quite rewarding.
Which are those new elements that “IV” introduces us to in comparison to the previous GP works?
T: It’s just more professional sounding and serious... Aldo knows his music is in good hands when we work together.
Do you think that the 6-year absence will affect the fans of the band? Do bands need to take long breaks, especially in our times where there are far too many releases every month?
T: I don’t think the absence is a problem for me... my fans have had quite a few other “Tony Martin” releases in between so it’s not like I have disappeared!
Aldo says that he’s a perfectionist and he wants time… and I believe the same goes for you isn’t it so? None can succeed what you have succeeded without trying to be a “perfectionist” when it comes to music.
T: Perfection... Seems like the wrong word because perfection for one person is not the same as others... for me I just have to make sure the lyrics and the melody work and I will spend as much time as it takes to get that right.
Since you have written the songs’ lyrics can you give us a hint about each one of them?
T: “Perfect Sorrow”: A twist on words for a familiar situation…
“Born in the Underworld”: A Sabbathy kind of lyric... just because I can… (i.n.: Great!)
“Shadow of the Stone”: The story of what happens AFTER “Headless Cross”… (i.n.: Wow!)
“Cured”: A manic refusal to conform to reality…
“I Don't Believe in Fortune”: Old 80's style lyric about love and relationship...
“If the Dream Comes True”: An expansion on the saying... “Be careful what you wish for”…
“Bring on the Night”: Initiated by Liz Vandall, this lyric came about because I got writers bloc… (yes it does happen) laugh.... and Liz came up with this idea... so I duly finished it and asked her to be part of the song... very cool.
“Not the Jealous Kind”: Love this lyric because I don’t think it’s been done… I am rather proud of myself!!!!
“Saint or Sinner”: Self-explanatory lyrics... are you good or bad… do you care?
“How the Story Ends”: Wonderful cover of a Megadeth song… Great fun…
“Truth Never Lie”: Twist on words and applied to relationships…
(i.n.: “The Rise and Fall of Barry Lyndon” & “Last Station: Nightmare” are instrumentals)
Another friend of yours, Dario Mollo, has taken care of the production this time. Do you think that this was necessary so as to have a crackin’ production eventually?
T: As I said... I think Aldo will agree… the Giuntini music is only possible with Dario producing… (i.n.: OK got it!)
Aldo has stated: “… I wanted to have Tony again, because he is my favourite voice and I think that the blend of our styles is just perfect”…! Do you also believe that your styles are perfectly blended together?
T: He knows his music is safe in my hands... I won’t throw it away or trash it.
What should we wait from Giuntini Project in the future? Any live shows? Any video releases?
T: No idea... I am not sure Aldo will be able to tour much with his business interests also but nothing is impossible.
Now, please allow me to ask you a few personal questions. How did your music life change from the day you became a Sabbath member? Rock/Metal fans do appreciate you a lot due to your Sabbath years… and I’m sure that you’re aware of that.
T: It changed slowly but deliberately and more focused.
How did you manage all this fame & fortune that the Sabbath years brought to you? I bet, it had been a bless to have cooperated with Tony Iommi… one of the greatest guitarist & composers of all time in rock/metal music, huh?
T: Well there was no fortune... It never made me a millionaire and it never will. The band was at the very bottom of existence when I joined. it was hard for people to take Sabbath seriously at the time... we worked hard to regain position and build it back up Tony Iommi is about as perfect for that band and sound that could be... no one can write riffs like him. (i.n.: You’re so damn right Tony!)
What do you think of Black Sabbath now that Iommi and Ozzy are together again after almost 35 years?!
T: I haven’t considered it really… I guess I already know the band and its foibles I just got on with my own career.
Are there any plans to release any solo album in the near future? If I’m right, your latest solo work was released back in 2005.
T: Always plans.... time... money ... and belief in it are the things that decide.
Aldo Giuntini pic 2013

What do you think about that digital/downloading trend of our time? What’s there for a band when most people are downloading their albums and not even care to listen to them most of the times? What shall change so as to make it through?
T: I am a fan of technology but not a fan of how it can be used to make things worthless. Education and starvation are the key... tell people what you are about and what your music means... and leave space between your releases so that there is something to look forward to.
It’s time for the Weird Questions now!!! What are those things that you do not like in the music industry nowadays?
T: Too many clones and too many people taking advantage of the small amount of money in the system… (i.n.: Yeap and especially too many Sabbath clones!!!)
In total honestly, which is the best band that you have been a part of and the best album that you have released?
T: Best band has to be Sabbath and song would be “Cross of Thorns”…
Which is the musician/band that has influenced you the most during your first days in the metal world?
T: Rainbow…
Which is the record you wish you had written and why?
T: Not possible to answer because I could not be those people.
If music were banned by law (CDs, Vinyl, cassettes, Mp3s everything), which 3 albums would you risk to hide even if it would be a risky thing to do cuz the penalty would be jail?
T: None of them…
What are your 3 beloved songs of all time regardless of any music genre?
T: “Stairway to Heaven”, “Nimrod” by ELGAR & “Midnight Walker” by Davy Spillane…
Which will be the best soundtrack to play in the day we will be forced to evacuate planet earth?
T: Aryeon/Tony Martin “Closer to the Stars”…
In which BC era would you choose to travel if you had the chance and why?
T: Anytime…
Imagine that your girlfriend/wife is selling your whole album-collection just to buy an expensive ring for herself. How would you react? J
T: Shame you couldn’t get a real one…
Thx for this great interview Tony. Close this interview in your own way. Thx for the music! Take care dude!
T: Bye!