Dog Fashion Disco

First a break-up, then a reunion and finally a new album. All these things happened in an 8-year time period! The band’s mastermind and lead vocalist Todd Smith talked to Grande Rock about the new album and the band’s future plans… read below for more…
DFD band pic

Hi Todd… congrats on “Sweet Nothings”. I think this was a superb comeback album for the band…
T: Thank you! I think it turned out great and our fans seem to love it.
First of all, tell me… After the reunion in 2013, did you have in mind to release new music or it just came afterwards?
T: We had been throwing around the idea of doing a new DFD record for a few years. Once things calmed down with Polkadot Cadaver obligations we decided to start writing and recording the new DFD.
When did you actually start working on the new material? And where did you want to move musically in general?
T: We started writing in the fall of 2014 and musically wanted to just have the album sound like a retrospective of all of the previous albums.
The music industry has changed a lot since 2006, right? At what point did you consider that you have to use the new technologies in order to fund the album? Was it your first choice to use a fund raising platform?
T: We chose to go the crowd funding route because Rotten Records wasn’t offering any advance.
How did you feel when you almost tripled you first goal? I guess after 8 years your fans haven’t forgotten about ya, right?!
T: We were shocked by the overwhelmingly generosity of our fans. It just shows how much they love DFD.
I guess you decided to include the last track “Untitled” on the album to show your gratitude to those who contributed to the album, isn’t it so? I think it was a great idea on the whole.
T: Yeah a certain perk was to “have your name read in the last song on the album”. About 500 in all chose that perk.
Most bands do not even reach their goals nowadays – especially with the economic crisis of our time. So we’d better not blame the fans for it. Was there a backup plan in case you didn’t reach you goal?
T: (lol) No, not really!
What are the “Sweet Nothings”? What does the album title declare?
T: It was a love letter to our fans who missed us and grew up listening to DFD.
Do give us a hint about each track, just a line or two…
T: “Greta”: About being in love with a movie starlit that is way out of your league.
“War Party”: About wars being waged for $ profit $...
“Scarlet Fever”: A cannibal tribe/family that hunts and eats their offspring.
“Tastes So Sweet”: A dysfunctional relationship.
“Doctor’s Orders”: A medicated dopey America…
“Envy the Vultures”: People having kids they can't take proper care of…
“Approach and Recede”: About an uncontrollable appetite for lust, sex, skin, saliva, perversion and deviancy…
“Down the Rabbit Hole”: Being young and invincible and on drugs…
“We aren’t the World”: People with big egos who think they are the center of the universe…
“Struck by Lightning”: Being in love…
“Sweet Nothings”: A sexy song about sexy woman…
“Pale Horse”: Casualties of war…
“End of the Road”: A tribute to Bill Hicks
Can you tell us about the recordings of the album? Who did the mixing, the production and the mastering?
T: The album was recorded by Steve Wright and Drew Lemond at Wrightway Studios. Production was done by Steve Wright, Drew Lemond and DFD and the mastering by Anthony Eichler.
What are the new elements that your new album introduces?
T: Lots of horns, musical style twists and turns and typical DFD tongue and cheek lyrics.
If I’m not mistaken, you have only released two lyric/pic videos for “Envy the Vultures” and “We aren’t the World”. Will there be any actual video(s) anytime soon and if yes for which track(s)?
T: New video for “Tastes so Sweet” should be out next week.
How would you define your music style in a few words?
T: Everything from funk to country to metal…
Some say that Dog Fashion Disco is a bloody underrated band… what’s your say?
T: I agree!!
DFD band pic

How do you plan to take advantage of this “second chance” for the band? Any ideas for the future?
T: More albums and tours!
It’s time for the Weird Questions!!! How did you come up with the name Dog Fashion Disco?
T: Our old guitar player’s cousin just said it one day. It’s a horrible band name! (lol)
Are funding platforms like Kicksatrter, Indiegogo etc. the answer to the “free downloading culture” of the 21st century? It’s kinda weird. On the on hand, the fans get the music for free without caring that much about the artist/group and on the other hand, the fans pay for an album that they haven’t even heard… and most of the times it hasn’t even been recorded! What’s your say?
T: Our fans know for the most part we are not rich, famous or a huge commercial success. We are a smaller underground band and we need their monetary support.
How do you see the “free downloading issue” of this era? In a world where people easily download music for free and hardly pay for it what can we do in order to change things? Is it different now that you can see things on the inside?
T: I hate the fact our music can be obtained for free. It’s our livelihood. Our fans for the most part but our product because they want us to continue.
What do you think about this “Views, tweets & Likes” mania of our time?
T: It’s a necessary and annoying/helpful promo tool…
Which is the most overrated band of all time?
T: The Rolling Stones…
If your career was a movie… which movie would it be and why?
T: Forest Gump…
Which character from the “Game of Thrones” would you have been – if you lived in the Seven Kingdoms? The other guys from the band?
T: Never seen the show…
Which of the Seven Deadly Sins do you reckon is the one, that’s more likely to send you straight to Hell, in the afterlife?
T: Wrath!
If your wife/girlfriend caught you cheating on her… what would you think to do in order to calm her down? 
T: Shoot her with a tranquilizer dart…
Imagine that your wife/girlfriend is selling your whole album-collection just to buy an expensive ring for herself. How would you react? 
T: She’d be out the door!
I think we have come to an end Todd. Thx so much for the music and wish you the best for the future. Any last words?
T: Thanks for the interview!!