Act Of Defiance

After getting out of work I ran for the bus up to Camden, of course after weeks of burning sunshine and drought, as soon as I stepped out the office doors, the heavens opened upon me. So, unfortunately I had to arrive to the interview half drenched. But hey, who cares when you’re going to meet Chris Broderick! We had a chill chat on the sofa back stage before the gig, it was just like talking to a mate down the pub, almost forget I was talking to a metal legend! This was definitely the best interview so far, as Chris has always been one of my all-time favorite guitarists; his talent is undeniable and awe-inspiring. They say don’t meet your heroes, but he was genuinely such an open and friendly guy, despite his impressive career in some of the best metal super-groups. Getting to meet him and chat was definitely an experience I will never forget.
Act Of Defiance band pic

Hi Chris, as it’s your first European tour, is there anywhere you’re most excited to play?
C: To be honest, we are actually really excited to play here. Camden and The Underworld is such a big name in the rock and metal world. And I haven’t played here since 2014, so it’s great to be back.
Why and under which circumstances did you decide to form Act Of Defiance?
C: We were passionate about playing whatever type of music we want to play.
Are there any plans to record a new album anytime soon?
C: We are still in mid-tour mode, alongside Armored Saint, which we’re really enjoying, so want to continue that for now. So there’s no immediate plans for a new album. But we have been working on few new tracks.
What do you want to achieve long-term with Act Of Defiance?
C: We have no fixed long term plans, we just want to continue playing the music we want, and see where it goes.
Did you bring any elements or influences from your previous bands (such as Megadeath, Eidolon, Scar The Martyr) or did you want to create something completely new?
C: You know how it is, you always pick up elements from your history. I think we have all taken parts from our past that we liked.
Did you find it challenging writing the album together, since you’re living in different places across America?
C: No, it wasn’t that bad actually; we are used to work in that type of atmosphere. We have done it a lot, so it’s basically the normal for us. I recorded the guitar parts and everyone recorded their parts separately, then we brought them all together.
I read you used Travis Smith for the artwork, did you give any directions, or let him have full reign?
C: We mostly gave him free reign, but we did give him some of the new album’s lyrics and song ideas, for him to base it on. Then just let him go for it!
As you have all been part of other big metal bands, what did each member bring from their previous experiences, and how did it influence your current song writing?
C: You see what works well and retain those parts.
Are there any lessons you’ve learnt from your past that you wanted to avoid?
C: We definitely now believe strongly in the idea that we should remain as a band.
Have you got any plans to experiment with your current genre?
C: We aren’t planning on following a particular genre, but we want to stray from the norm, and play whatever type of music we want. But I am also keen on adding more classical guitar work again.
I do know you have a background in classical guitar as well, and I was wondering if you have any plans to go back to it, or incorporate it into your new music?
C: I have actually been working on some acoustic guitar pieces, but they’re not ready for CD yet.
What lessons have you learn from being part of a super-group?
C: One of the main things I learnt how important it is for the fans to see the person behind the music. When I first started I thought it was all about the music and only mattered about how you played. But through playing with other bands and seeing fans reactions, I realized it’s about more than that.
Where in the world would you like to play most?
C: There are so many places! But for me personally, it would have to be Red Rock, Colorado, as I grew up there. It would be amazing to go back there and play sometime.
Through your experience over your time in the music industry, how do you feel it has changed?
C: That’s a tricky one, one noticeable change about the music is it has split into so many different types of subgenres; it’s hard to define the difference between them. The industry has also changed a lot, especially the influence of the internet on the speed people can access music.
So, to you personally Chris, you played in Nevermore and Megadeath previously of course, from listening to your new albums, it reminds me more of Nevermore style, was this a deliberate change back to your beginnings in the industry?
C: It wasn’t a conscious decision, we just played the style of music we wanted, but I think our current music is more like ‘Nevermore’ than ‘Megadeath’, as I felt it was closer to my routes.
Thank you so much for your time, it has been an absolute pleasure meeting you. Do you have any last words for your fans or pearls of wisdom?
C: I really like the feel of Act Of Defiance and want to continue it. This album was a real collaboration, we came together as a band. The vocal structures really worked well too.