Fugitive - The Awakening

Fugitive The Awakening cover
The Awakening
Cat Records
Fugitive is a band from Liverpool that has released a couple of albums but following a change of their “rhythm” section decided to reset “themselves”, by considering themselves a “new” band.
They’re oldtimers that have cut their teeth in the biker scene, although, I’m not entirely sure how a scene that must be quite big on Motorhead would have taken to their much more melodic approach, but at least they look mean enough to have survived the ordeals.
Their style is a little simplistic, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you don’t expect super accomplished, lightning fast virtuosic solos… the style is more reminiscent of early Saxon if they were playing hard rock, instead of heavy metal. Simple but nice melodies, decent chops and songs, even a decent production, which however would benefit from a meatier bass drum sound and a bit more oomph overall.
From more melodic numbers like “Serendipity” to lighter affairs like “Light It Up” or the more dynamic “Slave to Love” there’s a variety in styles, but not so much on tempo that remains stuck in the middle, while it could have done with a bit more conviction and some more energetic percussion. There is an abundance of nice ideas, but I feel that while the band has the drive, there’s huge room for improvement. A seasoned producer would have probably made a great record out of this, but even as it is “The Awakening” is a fair proposition. I’ll probably be waiting for the re-awakening, but not with bated breath.