Controversial release music video for new single “Tales of a Shattered Youth”

Controversial video pic
Hot on the heels of the recent announcement of their forthcoming studio album “Revelation”, German technical death metal outfit Controversial have released a crushing new video single for the album track “Tales of a Shattered Youth”!

Despite Controversial’s latest single being armed with a fierce, high-tempo brand of metal that combines a tight, crushing sense of tension with dark, highly emotive themes, the accompanying music video for “Tales of a Shattered Youth” might initially coax a perplexed chuckle from fans and newcomers. While the quintet dish out a familiarly aggressive and energetic visual performance - a staple of modern metal music videos - it is the comically small instruments they have chosen to brandish that is perhaps the most eye-catching and curious aspect of the video.

Watch the video for “Tales of a Shattered Youth” below.

Beneath the initially humorous elements of Controversial’s choice of instrumental “weaponry”, vocalist Jonas Langhammer pushes past the surface to reveal a far darker lyrical theme of the band’s latest musical offering.

“The lyrics of "Tales of a Shattered Youth" are based on the topic of childhood trauma and traumatic experiences from the perspective of an adolescent person. The lyrics are not about the actual trauma, though - it’s more like a window inside the emotions and thoughts of a child while being in exceptional circumstances”.
Indeed, the choice of setting and props for the band’s music video were part of a carefully considered statement, crafted to directly reflect Langhammer’s lyrical journey into a highly sensitive topic.

“The concept of the "mini instruments" in the video was born very quickly, and so the 20cm stringed instruments, 5cm microphone and a children’s drum set were brought into the mix almost from the very beginning”, continues the vocalist. “We were able to shoot the video in a concert hall with capacity for about 1500 people, and so the idea developed even further, with the performance taking place in this huge setting, with lighting that cost several thousand euros, for just one single guest. With this video we wanted to reflect not only the way a child experiences the world around them, but also the impact the experiences of our youth can have on us all. No matter how old you grow to become, you always maintain the scars of your past in some way”.

Pre-order “Revelation” here.

1. Revelation
2. Tales of a Shattered Youth
3. Formicidae
4. Modern Era
5. Black
6. Spellbinder (feat. Jens Doelken - Taste Of Greed)
7. Unicode +1F648
8. Conspirist
9. Behind The Sun
10. Fault Finder
11. Depressionist
12. Despair (feat. Alex Baillie - Cognizance)

The quintet will take their live show to Germany’s Burnout Festival in Nienburg on 28th September, and Cologne’s Euroblast Festival the following day, on the 29th September.

Jonas Langhammer - Vocals
Emil Richters - Guitar
Hendrik Peetz - Guitar
Lukas Mehnert - Bass
Sven Schröder - Drums