Buckcherry and Hoobastank live in London 2019

Los Angeles rock and roll band Buckcherry played an awesome show at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire in London. They’ve been out touring Europe and UK for about two weeks along with the great band Hoobastank.
Buckcherry and Hoobastank London show 2019 poster
Buckcherry they have sold out shows across their country and tonight they waste no time in showing everyone that they are all about kicking it off with a cover of “Head Like a Hole” from Nine Inch Nails, which is somewhat unexpected but absolutely loved as opener, I think it gave the right kick to the set. As a band they epitomize what rock and roll is about and they rock 100%! Also they are the only rock band that I know that uses a tambourine and manages to make it look cool!
But let’s talk about their frontman, Josh Todd. He is everything you want form a frontman; he oozes rock and roll and his voice sounds so good! Other people in the band that you should focus on are the two guitarists Stevie D. and Kevin Roetgen, as they managed to keep everyone entertained throughout the whole show. Their set featured songs from their old as well as their latest albums and they made everyone go crazy and sing along.
Then it’s the moment to slow it down a little with one of their ballads “Sorry”; the atmosphere became somewhat calmer, as the song delivers such a heartfelt feeling. They decided to play “Crazy Bitch” to end the show and what a time to do so. This song is what Buckcherry is all about and truly it was what many fans came to hear; it was the perfect song to finish the night. What an incredible band!
But let’s move to the band that is sharing the stage with them on this tour, the Californian rock band, Hoobastank. We haven’t heard from them for quite a while, but surely everyone remembers the big hit “The Reason” back in 2003. Every (web)radio and every music channel are still playing it, and whether you like this type of music or not, you will find yourself singing it all the time. Their latest and sixth album “Push Pull” came out in May 2018. It’s always been a dream of mine to see those guys live and tonight I also had the amazing opportunity to interview them so as to know more about who they are and what’s next for them.
Last year was the fifteenth anniversary of the release of “The Reason” (Island Records), so it was quite normal to expect them to play quite few songs from it; but also a mixture of songs from all their albums. What a throwback!!
Lead singer Dough Robb’s vocals are as powerful and melodic as ever, whilst Dan Estrin’s guitar’s playing seems to have improved more over the years; he is definitely a stage animal! Some people in the crowd were clearly here to see them, while others didn’t seem to be very familiar with them, but they might be after their set. It’s so nice to see that old and new fans are getting fully into their songs, applauding loudly, clapping along and singing on the top of their lungs. Dough is really impressed by the response of the crowd and defines it as one of the best ones so far.
Obviously as soon as they started playing “The Reason” everyone started going crazy and it was such a nice moment to be part of, that I started to sing too. They end the set with “Crawling in the Dark”, another throwback and an amazing way to finish.
As opening act of the night, they got Las Vegas Rock band Adelitas Way. The venue was already quite full when their set began and they picked up a decent response from the crowd. I think they are a good fit for supporting those two bands in terms of their sound, with charismatic vocalist Rick having a great rock voice. Their big single “Notorious” got the crowd’s attention with a big applause at the end. It was an enjoyable thirty minute set that everyone enjoyed. I can only say that you need to go and see those bands live, if you have the chance!