Steel Panther and Gus G. live in London 2019

Steel Panther need no introduction, one of the most well-known glam/hair metal bands, with a devilishly flamboyant 80s styled gig performances. Born in the heart of rock n’ roll, Los Angeles, back in 2000. I was lucky enough to catch them on their latest tour, at the stunning Roundhouse venue in Camden. It was a fantastic night all round, one of the highlight’s was getting to interview Gus G., who was supporting Steel Panther; watch out for the interview to be released soon!

Gus G, one of the top heavy metal guitarist, currently producing his own independent music, as well as with his band, Firewind. Combined with his impressive career, spanning from Mystic Prophecy, Nightrage and Ozzy Osbourne. Secured his place in the heavy metal hall of fame, and the acclaimed ‘God Of Riffs’ Metal Hammer Germany Award just a couple of years ago.
Steel Panther and Gus G. London show 2019 poster
We were all waiting around in baited anticipation, watching for movement by the stage. Then suddenly the lights and music go down, and cheers start calling out. They walked out onto the darkened stage one by one, Satchel and Foxx stand on either side of Stix on raised platforms at the back of the stage. You can just see their silhouettes, with legs astride in proper 80s power poses. Starr walks up to the front of the stage and starts bigging up the crowd, the cheering and clapping rains down in response.
Starr raises one fist to the air, and thumps the other on his chest, as the warm red lights start to flood the stage. Then suddenly all the lights come on, almost blinding us, beams shooting across the room in all directions. He runs right up to the front of the stage and raises his hands, the crowd instinctively raise their hands up towards him.
Satchel told us they were in the mood for celebrating as they were just got voted one of the top 50 heavy metal groups in their category, which was met with raucous applause. “You’re in for a great night, you will get to hear some of the greatest f***ing Steel Panther songs ever written. Cause like I dunno, maybe you’ll get to hear, ‘Death to all but Metal’!”…
They are true performers, constantly joking and messing around and interacting with the crowd. Starr starts lifting up the mic stand, twirling it around and posing with it at the front of the stage. At one point the red mic foam cover falls off the mic, Foxx picks it up and puts it on Starr’s nose! Half way they took a break from singing, to entertain us with some impressions, Starr kicked it off with his hilarious impression of Bret Michaels after eating a full breakfast. And for the last few songs, they invited half the girls up on stage!
Foxx addressed the crowd “We wanted to bring you not only the music of the 80s, but also the style of the 80s!”, the crowd cheered “Satchel, oi Satchel!”. Foxx yells across the stage to get his attention, then shouts out to the crowd “Make some noise for Satchel’s badass purple spandex and his matching bandana!”, and Satchel poses. “And Michael you look f***ing fantastic!”, Michaels struts forward, dancing and striping off his jacket.
The wild mixes of colours gave the room an injection of energy and spirit. The mix of the cool blues and hot, fiery red lights flashed around the suitably atmospheric domed room. Satchel alone combined hot pink leopard print lycra tights and a stunning bright green tiger print guitar. And of course, not to be outdone, the fans came in a full 80s fashion storm. The crowds were awash with big hair, leopard print, and other 80s stereotypical styles
The band kicked off the show, with Will Hunt, the drummer spotlit by a red light, and the teenage emo in me’s heart leaps to see Evanescence’s drummer. He starts getting crowd pumped for when Gus G. and bassist & vocalist Dennis Ward hit the stage. Gus’ legendary shredding is combined with classic power poses, bringing with him the 80’s heavy metal scene. And under the spotlight from above, made for some great shots!
Gus started with one of his original songs, “Letting Go” the first song from his new album “Fearless”. I was a fan, it has good attitude to it! Launching straight in with pounding drums, joined by sharp riffs. Then they take the pace back down and add a sultry edge. Every note and word caresses the ear.
We were also treated to his latest single released last year “Force Majeure”. Which immediately hits straight into an electric riff, and shredding solo by the famous Gus. Giving the fans what they came here to see. Backed by Hunt, going mental on the drums. “Hello London! I think you know this next song, so sing along!”…
For the second half of their set, they played some covers of top hits across rock and metal. Finishing with “I Am the Fire”, which was a great choice, got the crowd clapping and stomping along in time. And definitely got them excited and pumped for when Steel Panther hit the stage!
“C’mon London! I want Steep Panther to hear you backstage and think what an epic crowd!”… and with a final electric fast shred on his guitar, and flashing lights cast around the room, the lights dimmed as clapping and cheering filled the darkness.
Steel Panther lived up to their reputation! Bringing the full glam and humour of the rocking 80s to Camden! Complete in stunning 80s costumes, skin tight lycra, bright colours and of course a lot of leopard print. They put on a proper performance, full of jokes, impressions and interacting with their fans. It was such a fun night, packed full of heavy metal, jokes and 80s glam!
They were also one of the best bands I’ve done for photography, not only are their outfits wonderfully outlandish and colourful, and their hair is big and impeccably well styled. They are all such amazing posers, individually and as a group, I got some awesome shots! Starr even started playing to the camera during one of my videos!