Daxx & Roxane live at Outlaw Rock N’ Roll Weekend 2019

After taking a little break from electric live shows, Daxx & Roxane made a come back on Friday night at the Outlaw Rock N’ Roll Weekend.
Daxx & Roxane Outlaw Rock n’ Roll Weekend 2019 poster
Starting off the set with the high-energy tune “Sugar Rush”, the audience understood rapidly that Daxx & Roxane was going to give them everything they’ve got – and they were more than happy to accept this offer!
The one-hour set was a mix of their classic anthems, a few exciting new ones and a couple of brilliantly interpreted covers, notably a heavy version of Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”. Along the set, there was a lot of interaction with the audience – from sing-along songs, to a girl jumping on stage for a selfie with singer Cedric Pfister (welcome to 2019 ladies and gentleman), it was a great D&R night like we are used to.
Their next show will be their biggest headline to date. They are playing London’s Borderline on Saturday 18th of May, together with Planet Rock’s sensation Collateral and glorious new upcoming band Temple Of One. Tickets are available here.
For the past few months they’ve been working on their new material, planning their forthcoming album due later this year. But they’re coming back to the stage over this summer with a selected number of dates. Check em out below.
Live Shows 2019:
Saturday 18 May - Borderline, London
Sunday 2 June - Camden Rocks Festival, London
Saturday 22 June – The Dev, London
Saturday 6 July – Gigfest, Oswestry
Saturday 13 July – Nightrain, Bradford
Sunday 11 August – Metalworks, London
Friday 30 August – The Globe, Glossop
Saturday 31 August – HRH Sleaze, Sheffield

PS: Special thx to Kriz-p for the photos and the gig review!