Submitted by Admin on Mar 3, 2012
After careful thought and a lot more precise selection, Grande Rock has eventually finalized the lists with the Best albums and songs of 2011. Great minds do think alike; Grande Rock team voted in favor of Wrathchild’s “STAKKATTAKKTWO” for the Best album of 2011… as our readers did in the… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Feb 19, 2012
Time is up and here we are with the final results of Grande Rock Readers’ Poll. We were honored by more than 200 votes during the poll’s assigned time, which lasted for about a month. We would like to thank each and every one of you for voting in favor of your beloved 2011 release.   Images… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Jan 29, 2012
We wanna inform you in brief that the Lists with the Best Albums of 2011 are almost ready and they will be published along with the results of the Poll in a couple of weeks. The Poll will remain open until Monday, the 13th of February. You can vote till that day… the main competitors are Eumeria… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Dec 24, 2011
While 2011 is coming to an end… the music account is more than positive. 2011 was a good year for our beloved rock/metal music… many “old” bands returned and released great albums… and the new ones offered truly beautiful music to us all, as well. This was an undeniably good year for the music…… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Nov 13, 2011
Grande Rock is finally back on track… and it feels so good to be back online after so much time… although things have totally changed since the last time we were online, we haven’t lost that lovin’ and inspiring feeling about our beloved rock/metal music. Our effort this time was to better as… Read More