Submitted by Admin on Jun 22, 2013
As summer is here for good and days are getting hotter & hotter… what’s better than a cold beer along with a great rock/metal album. Listening to your beloved music while gazing at the sea and breathing the fresh air of nature is ideal… even if there’s no sea at all… “one more beer &… Read More
Submitted by Admin on May 5, 2013
I remember the way promotion used to be made by all the labels about 12 years ago. They had several promo CD copies that they shared with magazines & webzines around the globe. Certainly this thing was kinda “expensive” for the indie labels but everything was done beautifully. You’ve got a… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Apr 14, 2013
You know it ain’t always easy to write an editorial without being influenced by the things going on around you, especially on the political/social field these days. Why people leave a bunch of puppets to control & ruin their lives whenever and in every way they want to, will always make a bad… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Mar 26, 2013
What a great feeling when Spring is coming and the dark & cloudy days are left behind. So, another month has gone by and here we are again with numerous releases around, tryin’ to catch up as many as we can. Generally speaking, some good albums have been released and some more are expected by… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Feb 28, 2013
For one more year you, the fans/visitors/readers have spoken your mind through our Poll for the Best Albums of 2012. The clear winner with almost 40% of the votes is Bonrud! Hence, congrats to Bonrud! They do deserve to get more recognition and popularity for they are a great and hardworking band… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Jan 27, 2013
Well, it’s that time of year when the lists with the Best Albums & Songs for 2012 are ready and need to be published. 2012 has been a great music year therefore the selection was hard. We took various things under consideration and after we reviewed over 400 (!) albums we’re glad to say that… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Dec 24, 2012
2012 has been a very good music year overall. Especially, now that we have avoided the Planet’s total destruction! All those who are fantasizing of massive deaths, panic, horror, terror & annihilation were proved ludicrous once again. ‘Nough with that! Were I to describe it in only a few… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Nov 17, 2012
There are times that you come across a band and you’ve got a feeling that you’re about to listen to something good, something that you didn’t expect at all. All these years while dealing with Grande Rock and music in general, I never stopped looking out for newcomers that actually have potential… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Oct 17, 2012
Well, it may officially be autumn but here’s still hot! Crazy weather, psychotic way of living and insane politicians! Thank God we’ve got wonderful music that keeps us good company all these crazy times.   We are preparing a big tribute to a late musician that marked, in his own special way,… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Sep 10, 2012
Summer moved on – unfortunately – so it’s time to get back to our everyday life… no matter if it is the same old shit or totally changed. Sometimes it’s better to know what tomorrow will bring than to be moving into the unknown. I hope you all had a nice summer time and enjoyed the sea and the… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Jul 16, 2012
I know it’s hard to keep it up when you’re in the heart of Summer and the days are getting hotter & hotter… then the nearest beach is the solution to the god damn heat! It’s times like these when Greece is a true Heaven for everyone that loves the sun and the wonderful seas. It’s kinda… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Jun 12, 2012
The truth is that it’s getting hotter and hotter here every day. It’s hard not to think of beaches, seas and easy-relaxing time. If you can also combine that beach time with a cold (as ice) beer & good rockin’ music then… I’m sure that no one can resist that offer.   Back to Grande Rock now… Read More