Submitted by Admin on Sep 22, 2018
The digital music (r)evolution has urged the young generation to be part of the music business and even make it grow bigger in a very different way than the “old-traditional” one.   Now that every album is released both digitally and physically, both parties, the old and the younger ones can be… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Jul 15, 2018
I’ve noticed that many newcomers do not mind not signing to a music label (of course things are different when it comes to major labels, in most cases), and they have found the way to do things on their own, the famous “DIY”, and they are happy with the results.   You see these days it’s the PR… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Jun 10, 2018
Summer is finally here – officially – and I think this time of the year is one of the best (if not the best) for most people who enjoy the sun and the sea. Moreover, people’s mood is getting better and better each and every sunny day and with the right rock/metal music, it can reach the sky!  … Read More
Submitted by Admin on May 20, 2018
There are times that you wonder why there’s so much music out there. Why are there so many releases by labels & independently each week? Not that this a bad thing or anything, but personally I cannot remember a worst time for music in general which has had so many releases every month.   People… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Apr 9, 2018
Life is going in circles… and so is music and everything that has to do with people’s lives. I remember how fast technology influenced music recordings and production in late 90s/early 00s and how every sound engineer & music producer were trying to get rid of the old equipment (tape analog… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Mar 18, 2018
Where are the Rock Stars of our time? I mean like the Rock Stars of the old days. According to the “Rock Star” definition: “a Rock Star is a famous or successful member of rock band, especially with a celebrity status”. Well, I do not agree 100% with that definition, since the celebrity thing is… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Feb 25, 2018
It’s the modern rock/metal music of our time… actually after the 00s when everything changed in a “weird” way globally and not only in the music part. Why’s that? What’s going on with the so called “modern” music that once was very trendy, but over the last years has started to become a bit dull… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Jan 28, 2018
Best wishes for a Rockin’, Healthy and Peaceful 2018! Strange things happened the previous year, so now we’re more than ever in need of a joyful, rational and less crazy New Year!   Grande Rock is still here, getting older and older with each new year and becoming wiser and better in every way. We… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Dec 24, 2017
Yeah, it’s that time of the year again… how fast time flies huh?! Another year has passed and we are still here rockin’ and supporting rock/metal music in every way we can. It’s that sweet feeling that a year is over and a new one is coming… and hope and joy are always on our mind in such times. We… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Nov 12, 2017
Isn’t it strange to see magazines and ezines reviewing and rating high bands that belong to a major label’s roster and on the other hand ignore or low rating bands that release their own stuff independently or belong to small labels in general?   I have been witnessing such cases from more than… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Oct 9, 2017
For some reason, we witness many band reunions or comebacks to the music scene by eminent musicians from the old days over the last years. It’s strange to see bands that have been on hiatus for 10, 15, 20 or even more years to return to music. Some of them didn’t even have the chance to release a… Read More
Submitted by Admin on Sep 3, 2017
Fall is here… and Summer is over! Well, that’s life and we cannot do otherwise. Even though some of us fancy Summer more than anything, we cannot change the way things go. The same thing goes for your beloved bands as well. Sometimes they excite us and other times they disappoint us. Then again,… Read More