The modern and retro rock/metal music of our time…

GR logoIt’s the modern rock/metal music of our time… actually after the 00s when everything changed in a “weird” way globally and not only in the music part. Why’s that? What’s going on with the so called “modern” music that once was very trendy, but over the last years has started to become a bit dull, unexciting and tedious? The teenagers and the fans in their 20s that used to support this modern rock/metal movement have grown older and some of them do not even deal with this music anymore, while others have changed their music habits and of course a part of them has stayed “true” to their music ethics.
That’s not the main problem though. There’s a tricky thing that’s been going on for far too long. The thing is that most of these modern rock/metal bands, let’s say the “metalcore” ones, are playing the same things again and again from the very start. It’s like listening to the same track and the same band all over again. No originality, no imagination, no musicality, no inspiration, no nothing. This is not the way music was made back in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Back then, the music was original, innovative, inspiring and stimulating. Can you name one of those modern rock/metal bands that has all the above mentioned elements in their music today?!!
You see, that’s why there’s the “retro” music movement. A lot of the young bands are trying to play and sound like the old ones which have left their mark on rock/metal music in general. Some of those new “retro” bands end up copying the music the old mighty bands used to make, but that’s another part of the story. Let’s leave it for another time. I do like seeing young fans supporting these “retro” bands, but at the same time I like to see them looking back in the 70s, 80s and 90s to find out more about the rock/metal music that set the origins for our beloved music and made it what it is today. There are so many acts from the old days that are still waiting in the dark to be discovered by the old and the young fans after so many years… better late than never, I guess. So many bands out there never got what they deserved, but let’s hope that (mostly) the new generation will find out about them and finally get some recognition even after all these years.
Likewise, there’s nothing offensive, for instance, to make a reference to the band’s influences or say that this track was influenced by some older bands or that riff was first played by that band and so on when writing an album review. In that way, you give the younger fans a chance to know about some older bands that they have never heard of before, so as to discover the music roots of rock/metal music in depth. That’s exactly what we do here on Grande Rock since day one and we keep on doing so to date.
PS1: Various great albums have been released for far and 2018 hasn’t even started. I guess it will be a good year for our music. Needless to say, there are numerous live shows which are taking place all over the world!
PS2: Grande Rock’s new Model Spotlight for this month is the sexy Scarlett Foxett. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Unfortunately, guitarist Zeno Roth passed away a couple of weeks ago at the age of 61. Zeno was the younger brother of the famous guitarist Uli Jon Roth. Zeno was indeed a great but much underrated guitarist. Thankfully, he managed to offer some great music as well. Thx for the music Zeno… Rest In Peace…