Rock Stars in our time…

GR logoWhere are the Rock Stars of our time? I mean like the Rock Stars of the old days. According to the “Rock Star” definition: “a Rock Star is a famous or successful member of rock band, especially with a celebrity status”. Well, I do not agree 100% with that definition, since the celebrity thing is something of the modern times.
Just think of those musicians that have marked rock music with their songs and performances… what common things do they have with the so called “Rock Stars” of our time? Today’s wannabe “Rock Stars” only care about the “likes” and the “views”… the music does not bother them at all. After all, we all see that there’s been no original or innovative music for many years now. The “old” Rock Stars became “Rock Stars” due to their music talent and their great contribution to music in general. They cared for the music itself and their whole life was full of music… just think of Rock Stars like Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, Bod Dylan, Ozzy, Hendrix, Elvis, Lennon and the list goes on. It was their music lifestyle and the music ideas and performances that made them what they are. They still are the Stars that lead our beloved Rock music forever.
Now just think what todays Rock Stars are all about… “likes”, tweets”, “views”, social media, drugs (that’s a bad thing that the old ones used to have too) and things that do not have to do with music in general. They haven’t offered a damn new/original thing to Rock music and they only copy/paste the “old ones” just to get some of their fame and glamour. None will remember those modern wannabe “Rock Stars”, cuz their music contribution is zero. This is the major reason why Rock music does not have any new Rock Stars for years now, cuz social media does not make you a Rock Star… only music can do that. And I’m talking about years of contribution to rock music with new and innovative ideas. Do you see that in our time?!
All posers have found their way through the social media to sell themselves and their shit so as to get some publicity… that will last for some years and will make them rich. They get exactly what they give… nothing!
PS1: So many live events around the world in a time when things are not so fine, especially in the economic & political parts. Let’s hope that music will save us from the “dark days” once again.
PS2: Grande Rock’s new Model Spotlight for this month is the hot Nicole Simone. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Unfortunately, 2017 didn’t end nicely and neither did 2018 start that good… meaning that some great and well-regarded musicians passed away suddenly! This month’s editorial is dedicated to one of the top producers of our time, the one and only (Greek) Chris Tsangarides (who passed away at the age of 61), who produced one of the best albums of all times (among others) and also co-wrote some tracks, the astounding “Painkiller”. Thx for the music Chris… Rest In Peace…