Happy Rockin Holidays...

GR logoYeah, it’s that time of the year again… how fast time flies huh?! Another year has passed and we are still here rockin’ and supporting rock/metal music in every way we can. It’s that sweet feeling that a year is over and a new one is coming… and hope and joy are always on our mind in such times. We always hope and wish for the best to come and we expect it to happen every year… it’s in our human nature after all!
What’s entertaining this time of the year is the thousands “best of” lists that are posted everywhere on the web and the social media. So many lists, so many albums, so many arguments and so on. That’s hilarious in a way. I do remember the old days when only the printed magz had the chance to publish their “best of” lists and all the others (readers, etc.) could only have a look at them and argue in various ways with the editors. Anyhow, these days are gone and nowadays anyone can post their “best of” lists and be part of that big rock/metal party that’s going on this time of year… so be it!
PS1: Happy holidays, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to everyone… enjoy these days, have fun and of course listen to lots of rock/metal music!
PS2: The Model Spotlight for this month is the sexy Irina Tundra. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Unfortunately, Malcolm Young, co-founder, rhythm guitarist and songwriter of AC/DC passed away a while ago at the age of 64. Malcolm was one of the top rhythm guitarists in rock music that has marked the rock scene in his own unique way. We will always be thankful for the things he offered to our beloved music. He was a true “silent force”! Thx for the music Malcolm… Rest In Peace…

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