Bands and trendy T-shirts

GR logoDo you remember the time when we used to wear the T-shirts of our beloved bands/artists not only to show the world how much we liked the specific bands/artists but also the rock/metal music? Rockers and metalheads were the ones that were proud to show everyone they friggin loved this kind of music and they promoted it in any way they could. That was a way to “categorize” as well those who liked this kind of music more or not and so on.
But you know what? We did know almost everything – or we were trying to – about the band/artist on the T-shirt we were wearing. It was a shame not to own at least a couple albums of that band/artist and not to know the current line-up and the past members too, if there were any. Certainly, it was a future goal to own the back catalogue by that band/artist and learn each track by heart and every detail around every album.
Now what’s that trend with rock/metal T-shirts that are mostly worn by “suited men” and ladies with high heels and shiny dresses/appearances nowadays? And T-shirts with the bands’ names written in “strass letters”?!! How pathetic is that?!
And the most pathetic of all is that all these guys and gals do not have a clue who the f@ck those band/artists are but they still wear those T-shirts! Most of the times, especially the ladies think that this is a “fashion clothing brand” that they should wear, cuz it’s a trend! The band that it is more hurt by that “tragic trend” is the Ramones! You can literally see everyone these days wearing a Ramones T-shirt or even having a bag with their logo, but it’s to wonder how many of those do know who the Ramones actually are. The same goes for bands like AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Metallica and so on.
The ones that do not seem to matter at all is Metallica, cuz they have tried hard themselves to be more known in the audience which is neither rock nor metal and their live appearances with Lady Gaga (how pitiful!) can prove that clearly. I’m just wondering what the 80s Metallica would have said about this thing, back then?!
Anyhow, let’s hope that this rock/metal T-shirt trend will end anytime soon, cuz we do not need people that have nothing to do with rock/metal music to wear T-shirts or hold bags like they are some kind of trendy clothing brands just to show how cool they are to the world. If they do fancy rock/metal music then they should first listen to it and then decide which band/artist they like the most and buy the exact T-shirt to honor them in their way, by getting the original stuff from the bands and not the cheap strassy ones that make them look like clowns!
PS: Summer is here and we are so happy about it! We had been waiting for almost 9 months and it is true that time has passed very fast… time to enjoy our Summer days with lots of rock/metal music!
PS2: The Model Spotlight for this month is the playful & hot Kaotika. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Chris Cornell was one of the top vocalists and musicians that marked the 90s rock music era but unfortunately he suddenly passed away a few weeks ago. If this was his own decision and way to leave this world, then we should respect it. After all, his music legacy is great and will never be forgotten. Thank you for the music Chris… Rest In Peace…

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