Band reunions of all kinds…

GR logoFor some reason, we witness many band reunions or comebacks to the music scene by eminent musicians from the old days over the last years. It’s strange to see bands that have been on hiatus for 10, 15, 20 or even more years to return to music. Some of them didn’t even have the chance to release a full-length album back in the day, but now they seem determined not only to record but also gain all that time they have lost all these years. That’s amazing in a way! And I’m not only talking about well-known bands. I do know that the fans are longing for well-known band reunions, but let’s not only focus on them. I won’t make any specific references so as not to be misunderstood or leave any bad impressions, cuz this is not what this editorial is all about.
Of course, the band members are not what they used to be, at least when it comes to their looks. They do not have long hair anymore, they are not in good shape, nor do they wear shiny clothes… they are usually bald, they lack perfect abdomens, they wear casual clothes, but they still have the music spark in their hearts and minds and that’s the most important at all. Obviously, the things above have been written for the amusing side of the story; even though all these things do have a specific part in rock/metal music scene, they do not mean anything without the actual music itself.
It’s more than great and truly encouraging to see a bunch of musicians/bands from the old days returning to our beloved music today… but the most important thing is that they still can offer qualitative music in fact. They release fine albums, they give live shows and they showcase that music is still their muse and they cannot live without it. We, the fans, are also glad to see some bands that we didn’t have the chance to see back in the day for various reasons, and although times are different now, it’s still very entertaining and gratifying to have them around.
PS1: There’s so much misery around us… damn – let’s listen to some friggin rock music so as to feel better and get through it… just like a “rock-therapy”!
PS2: The Model Spotlight for this month is the hot Kinsey Elizabeth. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Regrettably, the great singer and songwriter Tom Petty passed away a few days ago at the age of 66. Tom was one the greatest musicians of his time and he offered so much to our beloved music in general. Thx for the music Tom… Rest In Peace…