Are there limits to freedom of speech?

GR logoAfter some strange incidents that I came across lately, I started wondering if in the 21st century things that have to do with the freedom of speech, democracy and the international human rights are still valid or they have become a “figure of speech” so as to serve the needs and the requirements of the powerful ones.
The Internet and the social media are the no1 in restriction when it comes to one’s free expression. All the do’s and don’ts are there to remind us that each “social medium” has its own rules that we must respect and tell us how we must behave. Surely, there must be some restrictions, cuz some people cannot behave themselves otherwise and they tend to harm others too… words can easily badly hurt others, especially the more sensitive people.
The same goes for music sites like Grande Rock, where some believe they can use bad words and language in general, cuz this is a rock/metal ezine and everything is permitted. No, this is not how things work. We’re civilized and we must know how to behave properly. Those that do not stand these simple rules better look out for other sites in order to solve the psychological issues they have.
It’s OK to have a different opinion about a review and so on and speak your mind properly with your own proper arguments but without trashing anything and everyone to prove you’re right! And if that doesn’t work, bring over your buddies and start threatening whoever you can. This is such a childish and fascist behavior and it should be eliminated whenever it pops out.
PS1: I won’t even deal further with some people that cannot accept a different opinion than theirs. As long as it doesn’t insult anyone or anything, everyone can get to have an opinion and express it, the way they think it’s better.
PS2: The Model Spotlight for this month is the hot & sexy Kaylee Renee. Check out her interview and pics here.
PS3: Unfortunately, the legendary & evolutionary guitarist and composer Allan Holdsworth passed away at the age of 70. Allan “Alien” Holdsworth, as some liked to call him changed the way guitar was meant to be played and he was one of the most technically accomplished guitarists globally. Check out all about his album “Atavachron” (that was added to GR’s “Hall of Fame”) and read more about Allan and his magical guitar skills. Thank you for the music Allan… Rest In Peace…

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