Analog sound strikes back…

GR logoLife is going in circles… and so is music and everything that has to do with people’s lives. I remember how fast technology influenced music recordings and production in late 90s/early 00s and how every sound engineer & music producer were trying to get rid of the old equipment (tape analog consoles etc.) and get into the new digital stuff.
It’s true that the digital music era was “better” in many parts, and easier in getting things done faster and more “safely” in a way. That thing spread widely and every musician or not was capable of making their own “digital (home) studio” and produce their own music fast and easily. That thing brought the “music evolution” of the 00s when everyone was a multi-instrumentalist, musician, songwriter, producer and so on. The internet was full of “new” music that the users were uploading rapidly every single day… well, to be honest this hasn’t stopped till now but it has been reduced in some way.
You see, this was a big music trend some years ago, but as all trends, it has started taking its downfall for reasons that I will refer to in another editorial. Anyhow, it’s really “weird” that many bands have started recording and producing their music in analog, turning their backs to the “canned” digital sound.
But why’s that and why now? What happened and many bands, sound engineers & music producers are turning back to the analog sound? Is the digital sound not that good anymore, especially now that technology has become even better than in the early 00s? So, why is there that music turn regarding the digital & analog sound?
Certainly, none can say that the “digital sound” is bad and that the majority of bands & musicians are recording everything digital, cuz it costs less and the whole process is easier & faster. Then again, the final results may be tight, heavy & loud, but that’s both an advantage and a disadvantage that has made some bands/artists turn back to the analog sound. I’m not trying to say which sound is better, the analog or the digital one, but I’m just pointing out that the analog sound is still here, not dead at all, as some used to say back in the day when the “digital evolution” had taken over.
To close in a better way, just read what producer, songwriter & keyboardist André Andersen told about the production of Royal Hunt’s latest album “Cast in Stone”: “all the vital recorded parts were done in analog as well as the final mixing/mastering so there're no "loudness wars" in-sight; no brickwall limited, over-compressed, lifeless wall of sound”. It’s true that specifically this “over-compressed final mastering” has started becoming a bit ear-tiring in the last years…
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PS3: Unfortunately, Spooky Tooth’s Mike Harrison (vocals, piano, harpsichord) passed away a couple of weeks ago at the age of 72. Spooky Tooth was one of those bands that played a major part in rock music at large. They have released innovative music that has influenced all the later music movements. Thx for the music Mike… Rest In Peace…