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Al Di Meola Opus cover
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Al Di Meola to release new studio album “Opus” on February 23rd 2018

earMusic is proud to announce the worldwide signing of Al Di Meola - the brilliant, virtuosic multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger, who is considered to be one of the most innovative musicians and a living legend. His brand new studio album “Opus” will be released on February 23rd, 2018. Al Di Meola is a pioneer of blending world music, rock...
Simon Phillips Protocol 4 cover
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Simon Phillips - Protocol 4

Simon Phillips is a British drummer, songwriter & producer that has been part of Toto and has played with various bands throughout his career, such as Judas Priest, Camel, The Best, The Who & Ultimate Zero among others. I do not think that Simon needs any special introduction, as those who fancy rock & jazz/fusion music know exactly who Simon is and his...
Project Mama Earth Mama Earth EP cover
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Project Mama Earth to release debut EP “Mama Earth” on November 10th 2017

Preparation is overrated. Impulse is everything. Such was the rebellious wisdom that drove the sessions for Project Mama Earth’s astonishing debut EP. In June 2017, five world-renowned musicians met in Devon England for a high-wire act unique in modern music. They had no songs. No chord charts. No game plan. No safety net. Nothing, in fact, but a plan to...
Junglelyd band pic
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Junglelyd signs to Sounds Of Subterrania

Weaving cumbia, tropical bass, surf rock and psychedelic electronics, Junglelyd takes their listeners on an exhilarating adventure. Hypnotizing beats are accented by melodious elements of the tribal and ritual sounds from the misty jungles of southern America. On stage, this five-man Danish band performs with a DJ, saxophone, flutes, guitars, bass and percussion...
Gridfailure Hostile Alchemy cover
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Gridfailure to release new EP “Hostile Alchemy” on March 24th 2017

Gridfailure will release the “Hostile Alchemy” EP on March 24th, 2017, as the experimental outfit acknowledges one year of auditory disrupt. Conceived in the final weeks of the 2016 election cycle in protest to the profoundly destructive and misinformation-fueled current style of politics we’re witnessing, “Hostile Alchemy” delivers...
Beledo Dreamland Mechanism cover
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Beledo - Dreamland Mechanism

José Pedro Beledo is an Uruguayan notable musician, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist in general, who released his newest album in early 2016 via the well-known NY based MoonJune Records. Beledo is fortunate enough to have on his debut release some guest appearances by celebrated musicians such as: Gary Husband (drums), Dewa Budjana (guitar), Lincoln...
Armonite The Sun is New Each Day cover
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Armonite - The Sun is New Each Day

Armonite is a new instrumental music project which started in 2015 by violinist Jacopo Bigi and composer/keybordist Paolo Fosso. After a while, the guys were joined by bassist Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) and drummer Jasper Barendregt.   Armonite’s music style is a somewhat strange. The violin is the leading instrument here and the keys (which are...
Blackmore’s Night All Our Yesterdays cover
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Blackmore’s Night - All Our Yesterdays

New studio album for Blackmore’s Night, two years after “Dancer and the Moon”. Once again we get some nice folk acoustic pop tracks, with fine melodies and some great performances. Candice’s voice is wonderful as always and the one & only Ritchie still manages to send chill down our spine with his guitar, when he goes electric. I miss...
Stephen Duros pic
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Stephen Duros

Hi Stephen… first of all, congrats on “AEAEA”. It’s a really intriguing and stimulating album on the whole.   S: Thank you so much! I appreciate your thoughts on the record.     Do tell us… how did you decide to deal with “Odyssey” on your new album and what’s the main thing that inspired you to...
Moraz Alban Project photo
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Moraz Alban Project

Hi Greg, I’m glad we have you on Grande Rock. Do tell us how did the idea for the Moraz Alban Project occur initially?   G: Thanks, The original idea was a project that was basically for me to play drums on with the material written by Patrick. The project kept evolving and after some time became a collaboration of Patrick and myself. I thought it...