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Equilibrium to release new studio album “Renegades” on August 23rd 2019

Epic metal pioneers Equilibrium have revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming 6th studio album, “Renegades”.

The stunning visualisation was created by their new band member Skadi Rosehurst, and the album will be released on August 23rd, 2019, via Nuclear Blast.

Berthammer states:

Finsterforst to release new studio album “Zerfall” on August 2nd 2019

Their fifth studio album, “Zerfall”, sees Black Forest Metal act Finsterforst return to the serious and elegiac soundscapes of classics such as the critically acclaimed “Mach Dich Frei” (2015). The Germans’ emotional brand of post black metal gives vent to endless rage with pounding riffs and astonishing orchestral elements – and then flows into somber choirs.

Equilibrium announces new studio album “Renegades” - due out in August 2019

Today, German epic metal pioneers Equilibrium are pleased to announce their upcoming 6th studio album, “Renegades”. The album will be released on August 16th, 2019, via Nuclear Blast.

“Renegades” was recorded and produced throughout the period of September 2018 until March 2019 by the band and Swedish producer Robin Leijon. It is the first Equilibrium album to feature Skar with his clean vocals and Skadi Rosehurst on synths.  

Amon Amarth to release new studio album “Berserker” on May 3rd 2019

On May 3rd, 2019, Amon Amarth will release their 11th full-length album, “Berserker”, via Metal Blade Records (North America) / Sony Music (International).

Frontman Johan Hegg, together with Dr Chris Tuckley from the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, England, explains the legend of the “Berserker” in this short clip here.

Týr - Hel

Týr returns after a six year hiatus, that some festivals “sold” as a farewell, with a new album for Metal Blade Records along with a couple of new members in the form of a new drummer Tadeusz Rieckmann and guitarist Attila Vörös (who most might remember from his Nevermore/Sanctuary live sessions) both from Hungary, thus breaking the tradition of the band of featuring Faroesian musicians only.

Týr launches music video for new single “Ragnars Kvæði”

This Friday (March 8th), the Faroe Islands’ Týr will release their eighth full-length, “Hel”, via Metal Blade Records.

“Hel” is a collection of ruthlessly melodic and irresistibly compelling progressive folk metal that will immediately resonate with any who have followed the band at any point over the two decades of their storied career.

Månegarm to release new studio album “Fornaldarsagor” on April 26th 2019

Månegarm’s new album “Fornaldarsagor” will be released on April 26th, 2019, via Napalm Records

The album will contain eight furious tracks, that breathe new life into sagas and tales from a pre-christianized, pagan era that made Scandinavia into what it is today – and those sagas have now been wrapped in exciting viking metal.