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Teslathrone Railgun cover
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Teslathrone - Railgun

Teslathrone is a newcomer from Minsk, Belarus, which took shape in 2008 and consists of 3 members. There are two guys, Lavr on guitars, vox, Lex on digital, vox and a gal, Ms. T on bass, vox. As you can see by the band members, this is not going to be the average everyday band you come across.   Indeed, Teslathrone blend several dissimilar music genres...
Dead By April Let the World Know cover
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Dead By April - Let the World Know

I’m sooo into this gaycore trend of our time. It’s fun! Why? Well, it’s easy to be part of it. Get a few trendy, “macho-like” guys with tattoos and the band is ready to go! So, here (in case you are not aware of it) we have a Swedish band formed in 2007 and this is their third full-length album.   Musically the music formula is...
Hammerforce Access Denied cover
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Hammerforce - Access Denied

When I first saw the cover artwork of this album, I thought that this was something from the 80s. Possibly a re-issue? The cover artwork is so into the 80s that another cover of an album that I can’t recall now came into my mind. Anyhow, the story is totally different as Hammerforce is a power metal band from Russia which started out in 2006. This is their...
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The Green Violinist - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings out now

The Green Violinist start their debut album “More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings” dreamy, playfully, enchanting... From there, the music proceeds quietly flowing and full of wonderful harmonies. The songs will catch your attention. Vincent Defresne, leader and songwriter of the band, admits he was inspired by the painting by famous artist Marc...
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Galahad - Beyond the Realms of Euphoria

When I first heard that Galahad are about to release two albums in a 5 month period and of course in the same year, I was a bit skeptical of how they could keep it up at the same music level with each one of the works. After I had listened to “Battle Scars”, which is an exceptional album… I was more wary of how they could beat it… or at...
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Germ - Loss

Formed in 2003, Germ are Tim Yatras’ (Austere, Grey Waters, Woods of Desolation, Nazxul, etc) brainchild, who wanted to experiment and try out different things in music. They are now presenting their second release which is out only 8 months after their debut album. “Loss” is somehow a usual prolongation of the debut as it is in the same vein...