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Artillery video pic
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Artillery releases music video for third single “Pain”

November 16th - next week Friday - sees Artillery release their new album “The Face of Fear”, which is the successor to “Penalty by Perception” from 2016. The Danes have now launched the 3rd single, “Pain”, taken off the album. Watch the video for “Pain” below. Comments guitarist Michael Stützer: “The...
Hellnite Midnight Terrors cover
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Hellnite to release debut full length album “Midnight Terrors” on February 12th 2019

Formed originally in Mexico City in 2010 and now re-established in Edmonton, Canada by founding member, vocalist and guitarist Paolo Belmar, thrash band Hellnite will be unleashing “Midnight Terrors” upon the masses with their debut album slated for release on February 12th, 2019, via Sliptrick Records. The album was written and recorded by Belmar whom...
Flotsam And Jetsam The End of Chaos cover
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Flotsam And Jetsam to release new studio album “The End of Chaos” on January 18th 2019

AFM Records are excited to present the new video single “Recover” from the mighty Thrash Metal veterans Flotsam And Jetsam from Phoenix. “This album kills! It's all five guys with the gas pedal pushed to the floor for the entire album!”, states Ken Mary.   “It was cool to have a new element of influence on this album with...
Skull Pit band pic
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Skull Pit release new single “Blood Titan”

On November 16th, Metal Blade Records will finally release “Skull Pit”, the debut album by American/Japanese collaboration Skull Pit! Skull Pit is a tale of two musicians from opposite sides of the heavy metal spectrum and the planet: Tatsu, hailing from Tokyo/Japan, is the bassist and mastermind behind the internationally acclaimed doom outfit Church...
Revolutio band pic
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Revolutio release new music video for “Ozymandias”

Post-apocalyptic alternative metal band Revolutio is ready to release the new album “Vagrant” on November 9th, via Inverse Records. To celebrate the announcement, the band has unleashed a video for the album’s fifth track “Ozymandias”. The song is fast, heavy and sounds simply right for the post-apocalyptic theme that the lyrics carry...
Carnal Forge Gun to Mouth Salvation cover
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Carnal Forge to release new studio album “Gun to Mouth Salvation” on January 25th 2019

The most hard-hitting Swedish thrash metal band ever Carnal Forge is back and has signed a record deal with Swedish label ViciSolum Productions. The band’s new album “Gun to Mouth Salvation” will overtake the world on January 25th, 2019. Swedish thrash metal veterans Carnal Forge have released a new lyric video for the song “Parasites...
Violblast video pic
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Violblast release music video for “Trivialization of Murder”

Spanish thrash quartet, Violblast, recently revealed details of their second full length album “Theater of Despair”, set for release on January 11th, 2019, via Hostile Media. Today the band unveils the first single and video for opening track “Trivialization of Murder”. Guitarist Sebas Silvera comments: “The song's about an evil...
Dust Bolt Trapped in Chaos cover
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Dust Bolt to release new studio album “Trapped in Chaos” on January 18th 2018

The start of 2019 slams: On January 18th, 2018, Dust Bolt fire a real thrash-bomb with their fourth longplayer “Trapped in Chaos”! Dust Bolt emerged in 2006 to encrust Germany and the rest of the world in hefty, Bay Area-influenced thrash metal featuring crossover influences and killer melodies. The four piece elevates it‘s trademark sound to...
Violblast Theater of Despair cover
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Violblast to release new studio album “Theater of Despair” on January 11h 2019

Hostile Media are pleased to unveil the labels latest signing, Violblast. Based out of the Barcelona area in Spain the thrash quartet have been going little over five years, and with the release of an EP followed by their debut full length “Conflict”, these guys have been taking the thrash scene by storm. Crisscrossing Europe since day one, the number...
Hautajaisyö band pic
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Hautajaisyö releases new music video for “Sinä Olet Helvetti”

Hautajaisyö’s (Funeral Night) new music video, “Sinä Olet Helvetti”, continues band’s dark way of adressing real life horrors. Older videos has been handling about euthanasia and familicide. The new video is about alcoholism and domestic violence, that is a sad reality for many. It’s a story about a “good family...