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Suicide Bombers Suicide Idols cover
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Suicide Bombers - Suicide Idols

Having chosen probably the silliest most disgraceful name in recent history and having their singer, Chris Damien Doll “The Sleaze Fuhrer” (!?) present himself with a Nazi commander’s hat, is a move done in very bad taste, even if it’s done in jest. Further to that, when compared to their Swedish counterparts that seem to be the majority of...
Hardcore Superstar band pic
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Hardcore Superstar announces Fall 2017 European & UK co-headline Tour with Fozzy

Hardcore Superstar has announced European & UK co/headline Tour with Fozzy, starting off in UK Birmingham on the 27th of October. The band stated: “Europe! We are very happy to tell you that we're doing a co-headline tour together with Fozzy this Fall!! We also have the kickass special guests The Last Band and Madame Mayhem with us. Who will we see...
Dirtbag Republic Downtown Eastside cover
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Dirtbag Republic - Downtown Eastside

Dirtbag Republic, the Canadian band that was formed by the two Vancouver rock veterans Sandy Hazard (vocals/drums) & Mick Wood (guitars), is back with its sophomore release two years after their homonymous debut.   The band blends punk-rock, with glam rock, rock & roll & glam-punk… having as major influences the mighty Hanoi Rocks, The...
Cyanide 4 Nekyia cover
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Cyanide 4 - Nekyia

Cyanide 4 is a Greek power/neo glam metal quartet, a poor man’s Crashdiet, with inferior songwriting with a couple of releases up their sleeves, a debut comprising of a variety of private EPs that sounded quite disjointed but had its moments and a later EP that I didn’t even know it ever came out. Not certain if the band was on hiatus either, since I...
Sandness Higher & Higher cover
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Sandness - Higher & Higher

Sandness is an Italian trio that has been together for some eight years now. This is their second album after several demos and a debut a couple of years ago that was followed by some mini tours and support slots.   They are an average hard/glam band, with somewhat weak vocals, but tight enough performances and average songs. I had to look at them twice to...
Sister Stand Up, Forward, March! cover
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Sister to release new studio album “Stand Up, Forward, March!” on November 25th 2016

The Swedish sleaze/punk influenced metal outfit known as Sister, who hail from Stockholm, Sweden, has been working hard during the last ten years earning the reputation of being one of the best live acts out there. Now, Sister is back with their new record, “Stand Up, Forward, March!”, due out on November 25th, 2016 via Metal Blade Records. The album...
BlackRain Released cover
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BlackRain - Released

I remember having and then selling one of BlackRain’s previous four albums in the past, which I got cheap and because I though the cover was interesting… I think it was “License to Thrill”…? but then selling it, because it didn’t really do much for me. The French “hardcore” not-so-stars have now been around for a...
The Senton Bombs Mass Vendetta cover
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The Senton Bombs - Mass Vendetta

The Senton Bombs is a UK band that has been going on for almost a decade. “Mass Vendetta” is the band’s fourth studio release, after “Chapter Zero”, which was released in 2013.   The Senton Bombs play an amalgam of hard rock, glam rock, sleaze-punk, punk-rock with pop-rock elements. The play quite well and the singer, Joey Class...
The Last Vegas Eat Me cover
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The Last Vegas - Eat Me

I like it how some “traditional” labels are discovering there might be life and hopefully sales, beyond the “usual” genres they specialize in and as such take forays into sub-genres that are usually foreign to them. AFM Records are signing The Last Vegas, a bizarre rock n roll/hard glam band from Chicago of all places that sound influenced...
Twisted Sister We are Twisted Fucking Sister cover
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Twisted Sister - We are Twisted Fucking Sister

I must admit that this review is one that gave me the hardest time. I must have gone over it two or three times at one point completely scrapping it altogether. Why? I’m not sure, but when you really like a band, “documentaries” will either demystify them in your eyes, or like in this case might give you another perspective… you see...