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This Winter Machine band pic
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This Winter Machine

Hi Peter, welcome to Grande Rock. First of all, do give us a brief bio of the band.   P: TWM formed around 9 months ago now after singer Al, put out an advert for like-minded musicians to form a writing collective. The rest as they say is history.     How did you come up with the name This Winter Machine initially?   P: The name came...
This Winter Machine The Man Who Never Was cover
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This Winter Machine - The Man Who Never Was

This Winter Machine is a new band from the UK that was formed less than a year ago. The band consists of musicians that have shared the stages with great acts/artists such as Marillion, Uriah Heep, Uli Roth and so on. This is the first time these guys got together and they decided to form a prog rock band.   With such a variety & full musical background...
Fates Warning Euro Tour 2017 poster
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Fates Warning announces Summer 2017 European Tour

U.S. Progressive Metal pioneers Fates Warning have just wrapped up an extremely successful first European headlining tour for their much praised latest release “Theories of Flight” and are now announcing a next run of dates for June, including the first UK and French shows in support of the album. Fates Warning vocalist Ray Alder checked in with the...
Autumn Silence Echoes in the Garden cover
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Divebomb Records to reissue “Echoes in the Garden” by Autumn Silence on March 10th 2017

Autumn Silence originally formed in 1987, when a group of high school friends banded together under the name Prophecy. As a stable lineup settled into place, the quartet eventually changed names to Midnight Divine, and - with the addition of vocalist John Leese - recorded two previously unreleased tracks of searing progressive metal influenced by their growing...
Lonely Robot The Big Dream cover
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Lonely Robot to release new studio album “The Big Dream” on April 28th 2017

Lonely Robot, the project masterminded by producer, guitarist and singer/songwriter John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost*, Arena), has announced that its much-anticipated second studio album “The Big Dream” will be released on April 28th, 2017. Following 2015's acclaimed debut “Please Come Home”, “The Big Dream” has a core theme...
Ape Shifter cover
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Ape Shifter to release self-titled debut album on March 24th 2017

Progressive Rock ensemble Ape Shifter will be releasing their self-titled debut album on March 24th, 2017! Ape Shifter is all instrumental and reaches from rockin' 70s riffs played with punk rock ferocity to creeping metal grooves. Intense Simian Instrumental Rock from the nasty pits of the Hellabrunn Zoo. Born on Friday the 13th in Washington, D.C. and...
Schooltree Heterotopia cover
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Schooltree to release new studio album “Heterotopia” on March 31st 2017

When music trends pander to the lowest common denominator, the real rebellion discards formulas and charts a stubbornly individualistic path. That's where we find Schooltree on their second release, “Heterotopia”: forging a new standard in sonic storytelling and taking us through cracks in the sidewalk into other worlds. Four years in the making...
Gong Expresso logo
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Gong Expresso announces new studio album “Decadence” - due out in Spring 2017

Hansford Rowe’s HRIII merges with Gong Expresso! Gong alumni Francois Causse, Benoit Moerlen and Hansford Rowe join HRIII guitarist Julien Sandiford for the recording of the new album by Gong Expresso titled “Decadence”. Pre-order the album here. Says Hansford: “"Decadence" is the title tune on the new Gong Expresso album. Here...
Fates Warning band pic
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Fates Warning

Hi Joey – It feels so great to have you on Grande Rock! First of all, congrats on “Theories of Flight”. We’ve named it “The Best Album of the Month & of the Year” on Grande Rock! Kudos!   J: Thank you very much.     Do tell us… which are the latest news from the band’s camp?   J: We...
Barren Earth band pic 2017
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Barren Earth to enter studio to record new full-length in March 2017

Finnish progressive death metal outfit Barren Earth is currently preparing to record the follow-up to 2015's “On Lonely Towers” at Woodshed Studios in March with producer V. Santura. Vocalist Jón comments: “We are working towards a darker and more aggressive feel, which we attempt to express both experimentally and with a good dose of...