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Angra Ømni cover
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Angra - Ømni

Of all things… Angra, have gone through ups and downs and 2015 and “Secret Garden” sort of started a third nova “era” in Angra’s history – but one that wasn’t quite as impressive as their highly original – latin sprinkled power metal with superb musicianship of yesteryear, but an almost equally impressive heavy...
Eldritch Cracksleep cover
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Eldritch to release new studio album “Cracksleep” on March 23rd 2018

Progressive Metal veterans Eldritch have revealed the details of their upcoming new album “Cracksleep”, which will be released on March 23rd, 2018, via Scarlet Records. Tracklist: 1. Cracksleep (intro) 2. Reset 3. Deep Frost 4. Aberration Of Nature 5. My Breath 6. Silent Corner 7. As The Night Crawls In 8. Voices Calling 9. Staring At The...
Novareign Legends cover
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Novareign to release debut album “Legends” on February 16th 2018

M-Theory Audio sets February 16th, 2018, as official release date for Novareign long-awaited debut album “Legends”! Progressive Power Metal from Southern California! Listen to the first track “Beyond the Cold” below. “The reason the song was chosen first was because it's a perfect example of our accumulative taste and talents,...
Almanac Kingslayer cover
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Almanac - Kingslayer

Almanac are a cousin of Smolski laden “Rage” and what he did after Rage, decided they no longer needed his services as a writer and guitarist. We held on to Jeannette Marchewka (Lingua Mortis Orchestra) from the last Rage/LMO project and enlisted the vocal talents of Andy B. Franck (Brainstorm, ex-Ivanhoe) and David Readman (Pink Cream 69) as male...
Anthriel band pic
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Hi Timo – it’s good to have you on Grande Rock. Congrats on your new album “Transcendence”, which is a step forward for the band in every part.   T: Thank you. I am honored to be on Grande Rock. We are getting a lot of positive feedback of “Transcendence”, so we are very pleased with the outcome.     Do tell...
Angra Ømni cover
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Angra to release new studio album “Ømni” on February 16th 2018

2018 marks the beginning of yet another era in Angra's history. At the age of 26, Angra shows motivation and strength like never before. Not even the sometimes uncertain trajectory was able to take away the focus, determination and inspiration of the quintet led – and founded – by Rafael Bittencourt, and formed by Felipe Andreoli (bass), Fabio...
Nocturnal Rites Phoenix cover
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Nocturnal Rites - Phoenix

Obviously, I know who Nocturnal Rites are, but I did presume them to have gone MIA, since it was ten or so years, since their last album. I must say that I first saw the album on vinyl and I was struck by it’s cool cover artwork… and after that I thought to fire up a google search in case they had any videos out. True that “Before We Waste Away...
Labyrinth Return to Live cover
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Labyrinth to release “Return to Live” on January 26th 2018

Labyrinth, Italy’s finest purveryors of power/prog metal, held their first reunion show at Frontiers Metal Festival in Trezzo Sull’Adda on October 30th, 2016. The renewed lineup played “Return to Heaven Denied” in it’s entirety, for only the second time ever, their most popular record (so far). The landmark album was originally...
Dragonhammer Obscurity cover
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Dragonhammer - Obscurity

Half decent straightforward Italian Power Metal that’s not as frilly as the usual Italian fare, both in good and bad ways. Being straightforward as it is, it avoids sounding weak and silly, but as it’s rather primitive and poorly recorded, with a clean but not impressive mix, it’s hard for it to really antagonize the primacy of the better bands...
Serenity Lionheart cover
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Serenity - Lionheart

Serenity is an Austrian Power metal band that has been since the new millennium, but actively releasing in the past decade or so with a rather steady output of albums, which also featured female vocals as a standard in the past. They’ve nuanced and refined their sound and have gone from strength to strength, especially in the past few years.   They are...