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Voyager Ghost Mile cover
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Voyager - Ghost Mile

Voyager is an Australian band, with several albums under their name that would fall under the larger prog label, with mostly melodic, poppy vocals rarely interrupted by growls, but rather idiosyncratic, technocratic, modern, slightly spastic, djenty rhythmical parts.   While the album opens with “Ascension”, which is somewhat trimmed down, in the...
Blind Guardian Live Beyond the Spheres cover
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Blind Guardian to release “Live Beyond the Spheres” on July 7th 2017

There's big news for Blind Guardian: The Progressive Power Metal pioneers announce the release of a new 3-CD package entitled, “Live Beyond the Spheres”! This will include material recorded from various Shows during the European tour leg in 2015 - among old classics, new tracks as well as songs that are played very rarely during live shows....
Dragonhammer band pic
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Dragonhammer announces new album “Obscurity” - due out in Fall 2017

Latest album “The X Experiment” was a great success and marked Dragonhammer's return to the scene after 9 years of silence. It permitted to the band to touring Europe with great shows and great festivals together with fantastic bands and above all with an amazing audience's feedback. Now it's time to come back more powerful than ever and...
Ancestral Dawn band pic
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Ancestral Dawn

Hi Jorge and welcome to Grande Rock. Firstly, tell us how & when did the idea to form Ancestral Dawn come about?   J: Thanks for the interview! Since many years ago (let’s say 2007) I had the idea to make some melodic metal mixing ancient Peruvian instruments and culture, I had a band called Umbral at that time, but we were just kids and we only...
Rage Seasons of the Black cover
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Rage to release new studio album “Seasons of the Black” on July 28th 2017

The creativity and productivity of the German heavy metal trio Rage seems to have no limits. Only 14 months after the successful “The Devil Strikes Again” neckbreaker, Rage deliver their new, 23rd studio album called “Seasons of the Black”, which will be released on July 28th, 2017! “Our fans are getting Rage metal of the very first...
Prospekt The Illuminated Sky cover
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Prospekt to release new studio album “The Illuminated Sky” on July 21st 2017

Laser’s Edge division Sensory Records announces the re-emergence of UK-based Prospekt, as the band completes their textured second album, “The Illuminated Sky”. Closing a four-year void since the release of their lauded “The Colourless Sunrise” debut, the follow-up will see release this July. Prospekt spent 2016 writing and recording...
Ancestral Dawn Souldance cover
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Ancestral Dawn - Souldance

Ancestral Dawn is a metal project that was formed in 2013 by bassist & author Jorge Higginson (ex-Nautiluz). Jorge brought the famed Nautiluz vocalist Jorge Segersbol and the manager Mark Astorga along. Later, the band was joined by the guitarist Josue Castro, keyboardist Bryan Bello and drummer Devadip Chunga. Judging by the members’ names, one can say...
DGM Passing Stages cover
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DGM to release live album “Passing Stages” on June 2nd 2017

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of DGM’s first live album, entitled “Passing Stages”, on June 2nd, 2017. DGM’s last album (their eighth), “The Passage” was released in August 2016 and marked the culmination of almost 20 years of hard work that started back in 1997 and has pushed the Italian band into the...
Secret Sphere The Nature of Time cover
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Secret Sphere to release new studio album “The Nature of Time” on June 2nd 2017

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to present the release of “The Nature of Time”, Secret Sphere’s ninth studio album, on June 2nd, 2017. The new recording celebrates 20 years of hard work that started back in 1997 with the release of the band's widely praised debut album, “Mistress of the Shadowlight”. Since then, Secret Sphere has...
Voyager Ghost Mile cover
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Voyager to release new studio album “Ghost Mile” on May 12th 2017

Australian pop sensibilities combined with modern progressive heaviness – the cult force that is Voyager are back with a new album, entitled “Ghost Mile”. They smashed their Pledge Music campaign target in just over a week, and 2 days after releasing their first single “Ascension”, taken from the album. The band have now revealed the...