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Dragonhammer Obscurity cover
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Dragonhammer to release new studio album “Obscurity” on October 27th 2017

Just 40 days and the new Dragonhammer album “Obscurity” will be in your hands. October 27th, 2017, will be the day and now the band reveals the cover artwork, created by Rob Marconi and the 10 tracks titles composing the album. This is without any doubt one of the most awaited Italian releases of this year! Tracklist: 1. Darkness is Coming 2. The...
Noturnall 9 cover
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Noturnall to release new studio album “9” on October 27th 2017

Rockshots Records is more than excited to announce the addition of the prog/power metal band Noturnall to the label roster! Formed by very known and established musicians, the brazilian combo consists of Thiago Bianchi (Vocals), Fernando Quesada (Bass), Léo Mancini (Guitars) former members of Shaman, Juninho Carelli (Keyboards) and drummer Aquiles Priester...
Rage Seasons of the Black cover
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Rage - Seasons of the Black

You can’t blame Rage for being slouchy, no sir. They have been active for more than thirty years and this one inclusive have released twenty three albums, the LMO project, countless live albums an EPs and have always delivered pretty consistently both in the studio as well as on the stage… never releasing a “bad” album.   “...
Serenity Lionheart cover
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Serenity to release new studio album “Lionheart” on October 27th 2017

October is coming! A new era will begin on the 27th of October 2017, as Symphonic Metal masters Serenity are ready to release a brand new full-length album! Before the announcement of the album the band encouraged fans to guess the title of their upcoming effort via their socials. So were you able to guess it right? Here it is: “Lionheart”! The band...
The Offering band pic
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The Offering signs worldwide deal with Century Media Records

Century Media Records is proud to announce the worldwide signing of The Offering! Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts the five players behind The Offering first came together in Tampa, Florida to invent their signature version of progressive, furious, and technical power metal with a strong death and thrash approach. The wild mixture of elements from many metal...
Witherfall Nocturnes and Requiems cover
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Witherfall signs worldwide deal with Century Media

US epic progressive metal rising force Witherfall have signed a worldwide deal with Century Media. Witherfall, who seem to have come out of nowhere in late 2016, have stirred up the international scene with their unique approach of combining epic metal with dark heavy metal and complex yet catchy progressive metal to style that reminds of early Crimson Glory, the...
Anthriel Transcendence cover
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Anthriel - Transcendence

Anthriel is a Finnish melodic prog metal band that was formed in 2004 and released their debut album “The Pathway” in 2010. It took them almost 7 years to come up with their sophomore release, entitled “Transcendence”, but that time gap doesn’t seem to have affected them, at least in the music part. Also, the band has two new members,...
Rage Euro Tour 2018 poster
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Rage announces January 2018 European Tour

The creativity and productivity of the German heavy metal trio Rage seems to have no limits. Only 14 months after the successful “The Devil Strikes Again” neckbreaker, Rage deliver their new, 23rd studio album called “Seasons of the Black”, which will be released on July 28th, 2017! “Our fans are getting Rage metal of the very first...
Circus Maximus Havoc in Oslo cover
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Circus Maximus to release new album “Havoc in Oslo” on August 4th 2017

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of Circus Maximus' hotly anticipated live album “Havoc in Oslo”, which will be released on August 4th, 2017. It will be available on 2CD/DVD and 2CD/BluRay. On February 6th, 2016, Norwegian prog metallers, Circus Maximus celebrated the release of their fourth studio album, “Havoc”...
Voyager Ghost Mile cover
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Voyager - Ghost Mile

Voyager is an Australian band, with several albums under their name that would fall under the larger prog label, with mostly melodic, poppy vocals rarely interrupted by growls, but rather idiosyncratic, technocratic, modern, slightly spastic, djenty rhythmical parts.   While the album opens with “Ascension”, which is somewhat trimmed down, in the...