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Dream Evil Six cover
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Dream Evil - Six

Dream Evil began life as a project of producer Fredrik Nordström, who fancied forming a Power Metal band, but didn’t seem able to get permanent members interested… during holidays in Greece he met a then young and not terribly famous (at the time) Gus G. and they joined forces and Niklas Isfeldt, who had worked with Nordström, doing backing...
Voyager Ghost Mile cover
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Voyager - Ghost Mile

Voyager is an Australian band, with several albums under their name that would fall under the larger prog label, with mostly melodic, poppy vocals rarely interrupted by growls, but rather idiosyncratic, technocratic, modern, slightly spastic, djenty rhythmical parts.   While the album opens with “Ascension”, which is somewhat trimmed down, in the...
Wolfpakk Wolves Reign cover
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Wolfpakk - Wolves Reign

While I initially didn’t mind the Wolfpakk collaboration between Michael Voss (Casanova, Mad Max etc.) and Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball) since their third album and considering the fact that the former is involved in quite a few projects, the continuation of this project has felt increasingly as a contractual obligation / chance for complementary income than...
The Unity cover
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The Unity - The Unity

The Unity is a band mainly taking all but one of the guitarists of Love.Might.Kill, a band that put out a couple of albums through Massacre Recs in the past few years and was a bit more modern and melodic, going for a more power metal sound with the inclusion of Gamma Ray and sometimes Avantasian, Henjo Richter. Featuring the much traveled drummer Michael Ehre, who...
Sailing To Nowhere Lost in Time cover
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Sailing To Nowhere - Lost in Time

Sailing To Nowhere is an Italian sextet, on their second album, in the power metal genre, with slight prog tendencies. They were complete unknown to me previously, but even on their second attempt, I find plenty of issues with the sound, while they don’t sound bad musically if not a little lacking in the production department, the dual male/female vocals fail...
Excalion Dream Alive cover
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Excalion to release new studio album “Dream Alive” on July 7th 2017

Finnish Power Metal heroes Excalion have revealed the details of their new album “Dream Alive”, which will be released on July 7th, 2017, via Scarlet Records. The tracklist is as follows. Tracklist: 1. Divergent Falling 2. Centenarian 3. Marching Masquerade 4. Amelia 5. Release the Time 6. One Man Kingdom 7. Deadwater Bay 8. The Firmament 9....
Lux Perpetua The Curse of the Iron King cover
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Lux Perpetua - The Curse of the Iron King

Lux Perpetua were formed in 2009 by a trio of friends and following a tumultuous few years of lineup changes and a change of name, from Sentinel to Lux Perpetua and an EP in 2014, the band solidified, after Magdalena Tararuj started to play keyboards with them and Artur Rosinski replaced their then singer, during recordings of their debut.   The Polish...
Astral Doors Black Eyed Children cover
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Astral Doors - Black Eyed Children

Astral Doors have been around for almost fifteen years now and they return this year with their eighth full album. It’s actually funny since Nils Patrick Johansson abandoned his place in Civil War, an offshoot band made up of the Sabaton members, who were dismissed a few years ago, by one of the worst vocalists in the history of metal. Johansson has often...
Vicious Rumors band pic
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Vicious Rumors announce new singer Brian Allen and new lead guitarist Gunnar DüGrey

If you don’t know by now, Vicious Rumors is indeed a living entity; always progressing and evolving with time. 38 years and 16 albums later… the band promised some major announcements and here they are: Vicious Rumors is proud to welcome back lead singer Brian Allen. Brian sang on SPV/Steamhammer albums “Razorback Killers” (2011), “...
Blind Guardian Live Beyond the Spheres cover
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Blind Guardian to release “Live Beyond the Spheres” on July 7th 2017

There's big news for Blind Guardian: The Progressive Power Metal pioneers announce the release of a new 3-CD package entitled, “Live Beyond the Spheres”! This will include material recorded from various Shows during the European tour leg in 2015 - among old classics, new tracks as well as songs that are played very rarely during live shows....