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John, The Void band pic
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John, The Void signs to Argonauta Records

Argonauta Records are thrilled to welcome in the family a new stunning act from Italy: John, The Void. John, The Void is a six piece band formed in 2013. They released an EP and a full length titled “II” in 2017. During their tours they also shared the stage with acts like Lento, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Zeus!, Morkobot, Grime and more. The musical...
Harakiri For The Sky Arson cover
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Harakiri For The Sky to release new studio album “Arson” on February 16th 2018

Mystical, icily and emotional: In the focus of the music of Harakiri For The Sky stands the dreamy, the picturesque aspect, the melancholy joy of Black Metal and the tension of Post-Rock.   Founded in 2011 in Vienna, Austria, the aim of Harakiri For The sky has always been to create a unique mixture of melancholy and aggression, madness and meaning, and...
Spook The Horses People Used to Live Here cover
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Spook The Horses to release new studio album “People Used to Live Here” on November 10th 2017

Imagine if band members could rotate between instrument positions, because each musician had a proficient grasp on each instrument involved? It would supply a degree of freedom and mutual musical understanding, something that most bands could only dream of. Spook The Horses, from Wellington, New Zealand, are such a band. Perhaps it’s this multi...
Nullingroots Into the Grey cover
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Nullingroots to release new studio album “Into the Grey” on November 17th 2017

Nullingroots, originally the project of sole member, Cameron Boesch, was formed in 2014 in Southern California. A debut, self-titled album was released shortly thereafter, which extracted Boesch's post-black metal style from his previous band, Solus, and incorporated lush, gazing atmospheric elements.   Prosthetic Records is pleased to welcome...
The Kahless Clone Our Never​-​ending Loneliness EP cover
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The Kahless Clone to release new EP “Our Never​-​ending Loneliness” on November 3rd 2017

“Our Never​-​ending Loneliness”, the sophomore EP from Chicago Instrumental Dark Music Band The Kahless Clone will be released on November 3rd, 2017, on digital and CD formats. Featuring Novembers Doom guitarist Vito Marchese, the new EP builds on the foundation established with stunning debut EP “An Endless Loop”, and forges the vibe of...
Antarktis Ildlaante cover
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Antarktis to release debut album “Ildlaante” on October 6th 2017

Sweden's metal/post-rock newcomers and Agonia Records recent signees Antarktis, reveal details of their debut album “Ildlaante”. Set to be released on October 6th, 2017, the record features six tracks with a playing time of 52 minutes.   Watch a video for the first single, “Svalbard”, below. Antarktis was co-founded by guitarists...
Process Of Guilt Black Earth cover
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Process Of Guilt to release new studio album “Black Earth” on September 22th 2017

Portuguese doom-merchants Process Of Guilt have announced the full details of their fourth full-length album entitled “Black Earth”. Dealing with the presence and function of men in the planet, “Black Earth” is five tracks spanning nearly 45-minutes of expertly crafted of monolithic and gargantuan doom/post-metal. Just like its predecessor...
Loviatar cover
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Loviatar to release self-titled debut album on July 28th 2017

Loviatar (pronounced low-vye-ah-tar), are the latest addition to the Prosthetic Records family. Hailing from Canada, this four-piece borrows equally from the hazy gloom of My Bloody Valentine and the crushing riffs of Isis. With clearly sung vocals and equal parts somber and soaring, their thunderous elements of doom and post-metal contrast with hypnotic moments...
The Atlas Moth studio pic
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The Atlas Moth signs to Prosthetic Records

Chicago-based experimental metal band The Atlas Moth have officially announced their signing to Prosthetic Records. Described by Pitchfork for having, “turned black metal torment into post-rock splendor, mid-tempo marches into alternate-universe alternative rock, and late-album comedowns into psychedelic dreamstates...”, the five-piece is augmenting...
Helfir The Human Defeat cover
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Helfir to release new studio album “The Human Defeat” on June 30th 2017

After the release of “Still Bleeding” in 2015 on My Kingdom Music and the great tour together with Orphaned land, Luca Mazzotta's creature Helfir, is ready to confirm the act as one of the most interesting of the whole Gothic Dark scene. The second album titled “The Human Defeat” is ready and it will be released on June 30th, 2017, once...