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Paddy And The Rats release music video for new single “Castaway”

Spring is approaching and the landscape is getting greener and greener! Best time to listen to some Irish Folk, even if it's coming from Hungary.

What? Yes! Paddy And The Rats are releasing their new single and video for “Castaway”.

The clip has been shot last October at a stormy shore at the Algarve in Portugal, of course, and gives a good taste of what the new album, “Riot City Outlaws”, to be released on April 6th, 2018 - will gonna be.

Paddy And The Rats to release new studio album “Riot City Outlaws” on April 6th 2018

Ireland! Shamrocks, shenanigans, sheep and pubs are some of the many highlights the Emerald Isle has to offer – that's what Hungarian punk rockers Paddy And The Rats rightfully realized and quickly whipped out their fiddles and plugged in their guitars.

The Miskolc-based six piece brooded over a couple of cold beers and rum casks, and decided to throw a hefty dose of pirate-isms, polka and gypsy punk into their mix!

Now Paddy And The Rats unveil first and hotly anticipated details about their fifth record titled “Riot City Outlaws”, which is set to be released on April 6th, 2018, via Napalm Records!

Alestorm to release “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” – 10th Anniversary Edition – on January 26th 2018

Oh wow! Back in 2008, Alestorm were mere newcomers and beginners - and yet they created a modern metal classic and a completely new subgenre.

Captain Morgan’s Revenge” marks the birth of Pirate Metal as we know it today and turned a couple of young Scotsmen into the hottest band the modern metal scene has to offer! Ten years later and sold-out shows all over the world, their boozy debut gets its well-deserved anniversary treatment and will be re-released on January 26th, 2018, with Napalm Records!

Rumahoy to release debut full-length studio album “The Triumph of Piracy” on February 9th 2018

No, this is not just another pirate metal band, this is Rumahoy ye landlubbers!

Rumahoy's music mixes bustling Pagan Metal-riffing mixed with exotic ancient instrumentation, producing melodies that run like the swell of stormy seas!

Make sure to beware of dancing peg legs when Captain Yarrface asks for a fervent “Forest Party”, or you and your parrot might be thrown overboard! Oh, and what about Netflix and Chill... oh let's better say Netflix and Yarr!

Well back to business: Rumahoy have unveiled first details of their upcoming album including title, track listing, available formats, pre-orders and YARRRR!

Alestorm - No Grave but the Sea

Alestorm must be one of the worst bands that came out in the last few years. Keyboard laden “metal” with very average vocals that hardly register as proper singing. Pseudo folk aspirations, stolen from shanties and jigs, turned into simple songs with no real choruses.

The Privateer to release new studio “The Goldsteen Lay” on July 28th 2017

The German pirate metal horde The Privateer will release their upcoming third album “The Goldsteen Lay” on July 28th, 2017, via NoiseArt Records.

Today, the band presents the cover artwork of the new record.

The artwork was brought to life by Felipe Machade Franco (Blind Guardian, Rage, Iced Earth, Kambrium).

The band states:

Ye Banished Privateers to release new studio album “First Night Back in Port” on June 30th 2017

Ahoy sailors! Known for their excellent taste and passion for pirates in metal, Napalm Records welcomes a new band to their diverse and exciting artist roster and label family: Ye Banished Privateers have signed a worldwide record deal with Napalm Records!

The band's 3rd studio album titled “First Night Back in Port” is set to be released on June 30th, 2017.

1. Annabel
2. A Night at the Schwarzer Kater
3. First Night Back in Port
4. All the Way to Galway
5. Cooper's Rum
6. Skippy Aye Yo
7. I Dream of You
8. A Declaration of Independence
9. For a Fragile Moment's Ease