noise pop

Cherubs to release new studio album “Immaculada High” on July 26th 2019

Rightfully hailed as “the noisiest pop music on the planet” by Pitchfork, Texas-based cult noise rock trio Cherubs have been purveyors of sonic bedlam since their inception in 1991.

After an unforeseen return to the scene from a two-decade hiatus in 2014, the Cherubs have now joined forces with the equally revered Relapse Records for the release of their fifth full-length “Immaculada High”.

Your 33 Black Angels to release new studio album “Eternities 1” on May 7th 2019

Your 33 Black Angels (a.k.a. Y33BA) has announced their new album “Eternities 1”, which is their seventh long-play to date, to be released in early May.

Ahead of that, they are previewing the lead track “Hott Funn”. Check out the video below.

Recorded over three years and more than 60 studio days with endless mixes in the making, “Eternities 1” is 13 tracks that are built to stand as the culmination of Y33BA’s labors.

The Primals to release debut album “All Love is True Love” on September 7th 2018

Southern Lord is excited to bring forth the debut album by Los Angeles-based rock trio, The Primals, founded by current and former members of Darkest Hour, The Explosion, Dead To Fall, and more.

The band's first full-length, “All Love is True Love”, will see release on September 7th, 2018, the label this week issuing the first single, “Fortune & Sons”.

Nothing announces November and December 2018 European & UK Tour

Following the announcement of new album “Dance on the Blacktop” on August 24th, 2018, via Relapse Records, Philly’s post-rock shoegazer’s Nothing have announced a full European tour throughout November and December that include 10 shows in the UK.

Tickets are available today here, where you will also find their new “Zero Day” video for their new song about exploitation and paradoxical enlightenment written by frontman Domenic Palermo and produced by celebrated producer John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr, Breeders, Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile).

Nothing to release new studio album “Dance on the Blacktop” on August 24th 2018

Nothing return with their third installment, “Dance on the Blacktop”.

The next chapter of Nothing’s story pulls from all corners of life in its contents.

Stories of self loathing, self destruction, and a general disdain for humanity and its, “insignificant” role in Domenic Palermo’s vision of the universe are met with his poised amusement and tranquil hysteria being one himself.

All of this told through the eyes of a recently diagnosed Palermo suggesting he is dealing with the early stages of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), a neurodegenerative disease found in people with serious head injuries.

Cassels release music video for new single “When Completing Handshakes”

Art-punk two-piece Cassels return today with their first new material since last year's critically acclaimed debut LP “Epithet”.

“When Completing Handshakes” furthers the band's enigmatic sound, where smart, shifting rhythms and lyrical intelligence collude to create something that sounds like Cassels and Cassels alone.

Out today on Big Scary Monsters, you can watch the video for the single below.

Guitarist and vocalist Jim Beck says the following of the song and video:

Beat Degeneration to release new studio album “Searching for Some Heaven” on April 20th 2018

Following hot on the heels of debut album “Dream Machine’ (Weiner Records) slacker power-pop three piece Beat Degeneration are returning with their brand new LP, “Searching for Some Heaven” on April 20th, 2018.

Released through Seattle based Jigsaw Records and digitally with Darla Records, the album was produced by indie royalty Charles Rowell of Crocodiles, a band infamous for championing the best in upcoming rising talent. It was also recorded on the secluded island of Lošinj, completely outside of influence or distraction.

Cassels to release debut album “Epithet” on October 6th 2017

The precociously young and talented art-punk two-piece Cassels today announce their debut album proper, “Epiphet”, for October 6th, 2017, on Big Scary Monsters.

Poetic and agitated, you can stream the opening salvo of tracks, “Coup”, and “Let”, now, below.

1. Coup
2. Let
3. War is a Really Clever Metaphor for Divorce
4. Where Baseball was Invented
5. You Turn on Utopia
6. Sepia Good Times
7. This Song Has a Name but We Don't Like to Talk About It
8. Motor Skills
9. Chewed Up Cheeks