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Fish Feast of Consequences cover
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Fish - Feast of Consequences

The big man, Derek Dick, better known simply as Fish, or the ex-Marillion singer is back after more than half a decade, since his last effort “The 13rth Star” for what turns out to be the 10th album in his long and illustrious career.   “Feast of Consequences” is an album that manages to defiantly be an album into the now, but staying...
Clepsydra 3654 Days cover
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Clepsydra - 3654 Days on January 14th 2014

Much to the excitement of prog fans worldwide, Swiss neo-prog ensemble Clepsydra will be releasing a limited edition box set containing the group's critically acclaimed albums “Hologram”, “More Grains of Sand”, “Fears” and “Alone”. To be released in January 2014 by Swiss label Galileo Records LTD, and distributed...
Fish UK Tour 2014 poster
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Fish - UK Tour 2014

*Unfortunately the UK May 2014 Tour has been canceled - read the official statement here.   Fish, the critically acclaimed progressive rock singer/songwriter, and former lead singer of Marillion, will embark on an extensive 13-date UK tour in May 2014.   Billed as "The Moveable Feast Tour" the UK trek is named after his upcoming album...
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The Windmill

Hi Erik. First of all allow me to congratulate you for your exceptional new album. It was chosen as the Best Album of March on Grande Rock! Well-done!   E: Thank you very much. We are deeply honored that our album was chosen as Best Album of March.     Since it’s the first time we speak, tell us how it all started back in 2001.   E...
The Windmill The Continuation cover
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The Windmill - The Continuation

I happened upon this band out of nowhere. It seems that Norway is having something like a bloom in every rock & metal genre during the last years. I was immediately amazed by the prog rock approach of the band but I was not ready for what I was about to experience. First of all, I have to say that The Windmill started out in 2001 and after some line-up changes...
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The Green Violinist - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings out now

The Green Violinist start their debut album “More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings” dreamy, playfully, enchanting... From there, the music proceeds quietly flowing and full of wonderful harmonies. The songs will catch your attention. Vincent Defresne, leader and songwriter of the band, admits he was inspired by the painting by famous artist Marc...
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Alan Reed

Hi Alan… I’m glad we’re given the chance to speak about your wonderful debut solo album.   A: The pleasure's all mine     First of all, please tell us … when did you start writing music for your solo work? Did your departure from Pallas play a major role on the music you composed later or not?   A: I’...
Alan Reed First in a Field of One cover
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Alan Reed - First in a Field of One

Not one, not two, not ten but twenty-five years had Alan Reed been Pallas’ voice and his break-up with the band came as a shock to a good many people. Nonetheless, it was only natural for a man of his magnitude to go solo and so he did. Many might reckon that “First in a Field of One” is just an attempt for Alan to stay inside the music industry...
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Hi Kamil. Your third release was meant to be the best so far! Kudos! “Stopover – Life” is a wonderful work by any means.   K: Thank you very much! This third album was planned as a form of sequel to previous releases - without serious changes in band’s style. I wanted to present honestly how I feel and what every single day brings to...
Moonrise Stopover - Life cover
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Moonrise - Stopover - Life

I’ve always kept an eye on this inimitable band from Poland, which, auspiciously, released its 3rd album almost 3 years after “Soul’s Inner Pendulum”. This time the band has a new singer, Marcin Jajkiewicz, who joined them in 2011. He has a suave & colorful voice and I think that it was a good choice in the main.   Without any...