You Bred Raptors?

Hi Peat… please present the band on Grande Rock, so that anyone unfamiliar with You Bred Raptors? will get an idea about the band…
P: You Bred Raptors? is a three piece busking band in NYC. We get legal permits to entertain and annoy commuters as they transfer trains. The band has 8 string bass (me), a cello, drums and two glockenspiels. We collectively said “Fuck singers and fuck guitarists”, though not in that order. We score films, play as a pit orchestra from time to time and incorporate circus juggling into our shows (also me) because why the hell not?

You Bred Raptors? - Grant

You Bred Raptors? were formed in 2010 in New York, US and since then they have released 3 full-length albums, including the newest one, “Grant”. I haven’t been aware of the band but I was glad I came upon them, cuz even though they are not a “rock group”, their music still is diverse, different and strange… it also has a “rock” background”…

Derdian - Human Reset

Derdrian, have been going on for more than a decade now, a pretty standard power metal band from Italy that initially didn’t garner much interest with their debut, but did manage to get on Magna Carta, when they were shunned by Dream Theater members, and apparently, signed whatever was even remotely prog. Their most current, third singer, Ivan Giannini, is possibly their most capable one, even if he has noticeable traces of an Italian accent and with him they have released their last couple of albums, including this current one.

Echo Us - II:XII, À Priori Memoriaé on September 12th 2014

For the final installment of its concept-trilogy, Echo Us has signed a deal with Germany’s Dust On The Tracks Records. The worldwide release of the fourth full-length studio album, “II:XII, À Priori Memoriaé” is due Sept. 12th (Europe), Sept. 15th (UK), and Oct. 7th (USA). The album will be released on digipak as well as through all digital outlets, with distribution through SPV and worldwide partners.
“II:XII, À Priori Memoriaé” brings together a host of classical musicians with the Echo Us core, to create a work that starts in the past, but finishes in futuristic fashion.

Susan Clynes - Life Is...

Susan Clynes is a singer/pianist from Belgium which has studied Drama, Jazz Piano, Jazz Composition and Composition. In 2012 she got a Master’s Degree in Composition with the well-known Frank Nuyts. She has also composed music for shortfilms, theater & advertisements. Now, it felt right to release her debut album.

Ulver - Messe I.X – IV.X

Ulver ain’t what they used to be. If this is part of their evolution & progression then I’ll take it as it is and celebrate it. But it’s hard for all the fans to understand what not having any musical boundaries and progressing is for a band no matter what. I bet Ulver can continue their music journeys without having the concern or the pressure whether they will please their fan base or not, since that fan base is changing with every new release.

Dario Lorina - Debut album out on September 10th 2013

Touring for over a span of seven years since age sixteen, first with late Warrant singer Jani Lane and in more recent years with Lizzy Borden, metal guitar virtuoso Dario Lorina delivers his first solo recording. Growing up listening to guitarists such as Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch and Van Halen, Dario’s music harkens back to the glory days of high caliber shred guitar, the genre of which Shrapnel Records was a founding force.

Derdian - Limbo

Italy must be the country with the most power metal bands in the world! Rhapsody did spread the “power metal virus” in the country back in the day but they also marked the whole scene and no Italian power metal band can escape their influence. Derdian on the other hand are still here spreading the European power metal disease here and there. Auspiciously, this is the band’s fifth full-length release in 15 years!