modern melodic metal

Source - Return to Nothing

Source is a Colorado based band that’s weird to put it bluntly. They have a modern sound, their performances can be rather meandering and intricate at times, but overall their arrangements are not always as complex, so you would be hard pressed not to call them prog… rock? Probably rock, because they’re not really metal, but there’s also something very contemporary American “rock” about their riffs and overall sound.

Motorfingers - Goldfish Motel

Motorfingers is an Italian quintet out of Modena, with a few albums under their belt and a number of lineup changes. Their latest incarnation which sports a couple of new members including a new singer, delivers a new album, some elven new songs and the closest thing I could compare this with would be the alternative/crossover punk sister of the Eldritch offshoot “Vicious Mary”… if it happened anno 2016. It’s decidedly less melodic and more rhythmical, modern and alt, but it by saying less melodic that doesn’t mean it’s not melodic at all, just not that much.

In Flames to release strictly limited, hand numbered vinyl collector’s box “1993 - 2011” on December 9th 2016

Without a doubt In Flames are one of the most successful and influential Swedish Metal bands. Together with At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity they are one of the forefathers of the “Gothenburg sound”, which did not only heavily influence melodic death metal artists such as Insomnium, Soilwork, Wintersun or Eluveitie, but also left an undeniable mark on modern metal which brought us bands like Trivium, Killswitch Engage or Caliban.

In Flames announces new DVD “Sounds From the Heart of Gothenburg” - due out on September 23rd 2016

They break the rules, reinvent themselves with every album and are considered to be Gothenburg's brightest metal pearl - since the early 90's, In Flames have delivered a spectacular band progression which has seen them transform their sound from classic Melodic Death Metal to their current modern and unique style. The Swedes never cease to challenge their artistic boundaries, and on September 23rd 2016, the band will be releasing an impressive demonstration of their current live expertise on DVD - “Sounds From the Heart of Gothenburg”.

Watch the teaser to the first “Making Of” below.

In Flames signs with Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Blast proudly announce the signing of Swedish metal icons, In Flames for the world ex-North America and Scandinavia.

Formed in 1990, the band are considered one of the forefathers of melodic death metal and the purveyors of the “Gothenburg sound”. With eleven studio albums released, countless successful tours around the globe, millions of records sold and a massive fanbase worldwide, In Flames have proven to be an unstoppable force in heavy music. From their 1994 debut “Lunar Strain” to the most recent “Siren Charms” (2014), the band's intricate twin guitar attack, melodic vocals and superb arrangements have given them a signature sound that has evolved throughout the years

Lords Of Black

Hi Tony… I’m glad we’re given the chance to talk about the second full-length album, “II”, of Lords Of Black.
T: Hi, there! Very cool to have this interview for you, guys!
Firstly, do tells us what are the new elements that you introduce with “II” and which are the main differences between your debut and your new album?

Lords Of Black - II

Lords Of Black are back with their sophomore release, two years after the eponymous debut and this time under Frontiers Records. I guess it’s a major step for the band to be under the wing of one of the pioneering rock/hard rock labels globally and that will give an extra boost to their reputation as well.

Scar Of The Sun announces new album “In Flood”

Scar Of The Sun is a modern metal band formed in 2005 in London, UK. With their first release “A Series of Unfortunate Concurrencies” Scar Of The Sun has successfully toured Europe three times with the likes of Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell, Pain, Rage, Tyr and are currently about to release their sophomore effort “In Flood”.

Valleys announces Headlining US Tour 2016

Modern progressive/experimental metal group Valleys recently released their debut full-length concept album, Experiment One: Asylum. In celebration of the album release, Valleys is pleased to announce their upcoming 17-date U.S. headline tour, the Experiment One: Asylum Tour, fueled by Coldcock Whiskey.

The tour kicks off April 1st in Chesapeake, VA and features support from Of Tyrants and Rumours. The tour will end on April 20th with Valleys supporting The Contortionist in Greensboro, NC (this date will not include Of Tyrants and Rumours).